Rocket Girl looks pretty tough

I did a post a few weeks back on painting up models that you like and somehow try to find a way to fit them in a unit. One of the groups of models that I like is Schaeffers Last Chancers who are going to be part of my penal units, here is the link to that article.
Penal Units cannot have heavy weapons, so what to do with the great Schaeffer models that have special weapons, like Rocket Girl?
She is a slender Imperial Guards woman with a massive, Space Marine like missile launcher. I decided to make her into a heavy weapons squad for a command squad.

I gave her a buddy who I kit bashed into a radio operator using some wire and bits of sprue.

I put them on a base I built from some stone, plaster, sand and a single cog from the photo etched sheet in the GW resin basing set. It was fun finding a good position for the two, making it realistic and balanced at the same time.

My paintjob on these guys stinks, don't ask me why, I just couldn't make it work. Does everyone have that? Sometimes a model just doesn't work for me. It bothers me to no end, but I did want to tell people to go out and buy Rocket Girl, she is a great looking model.


  1. I've got to agree, I love that Rocket Girl model, I'm looking at using mine in an Esher gang at some point soon.

    I'm going to disagree with you on the paint-job though, I think it's pretty good mate. The only off bit I can see is her arms which look a little odd on closer inspection. But it hardly detracts from the overall paint-job which is very good :)

  2. Out of curiosity, did you make that base or did you buy that somewhere? Been looking for some good bases.

  3. I made the base, using rocks and some plaster rocks I had laying around. For a tutorial on that, check our contents under modeling: making rocks from plaster.
    Lot's of sand and finer stuff and the cog finished it off.
    You can find resin bases at
    dragon forge, resin forge, micro arts, back to basix etc
    Mike at SCW

  4. sovietspace: the weird arm thing is a tattoo that all of the models have, but most of them have it as an insignia on their sleeves. My cast wasn't very good so the tatoo and the muscles were all mixed up. I didn't know what to do with it, as you can tell
    Mike at SCW

  5. I would, but I'm a rocket man! heh heh heh... music refrences

  6. See does look good, for a while I thought about cutting mine in half and then have her firing out of a capola.

    Keep them coming mate.


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