Better model photography on a new Nurgle Chaos Lord

OK, this post will be about two things: better model photos AND my new Nurgle Chaos Lord-on-a-Daemonic Steed-conversion.

Photos first. I figured I finally should make the pictures look a bit more fun. Not better, just more fun then the age old white background.
So I did this:
1. sat in front of an open window, let the natural light fall on the model
2. put the Apocalypse spread behind the model
3. attach a flash to the camera and bounce the light straight UP, not at the model. Ceiling is white, so the light bounces down on the model and it gives it a little 'hairline' which separates the model from the background.
You should try it, it's very easy.

Anyway, on the the 2nd part of the post: the model. I wanted to create a Nurgle Lord and had always loved the fantasy Khorne Lord on a Juggernaut. I know the codex says the Nurgle Lord should be carried around or something, but I did want to use the Juggernaut anyway.
here's the before:
The head is from the Micro Arts servitor driving the little tank that we have used many times before as Mechanized Rough Riders. The two arms are from some old Terminators. And then is is lots of green stuff.
Here he is painted:
a view from the back:
and a close up of our hero
I worked hard on the terminator backpack, having it break at the side with all the festering sores bulging out through the armour
The Juggernaut's muscles and tissue have starting to eek out as well and somehow the skulls got entangled in it. It was really fun making that, although it doesn't make too much sense..

Two things left:
-the rules for this guy are insane at this point: terminator armour, plus one attack, plus one toughness, plus one wound, move 12 inches, powerfist, twinlinked bolter, it pretty brutal, which was exactly the idea. It's kind of fun using the rules as a starting point for a model. My idea is to have him ride with bikes or raptors so they can soak up some hits in close combat, since this lord will go last.
-the templar base is from Micro Arts
Hope it inspired!