Kroot, and More Cars

I am still tuning my Kroot painting style, and I am enjoying working with them.

These 3 Karnivores are recycled from some poorly painted and assembled models that I bought second hand a while ago.

I was able to reposition the arms, and add some gear, and I am happy with the way they are coming out.

I also painted some new hounds, as I tend to do a few models at a time if the colors permit.

I used a 3 stage drybrush, and lots of washes.

As mentioned earlier, here at SCW, we distract ourselves at times away from the Warhammer universe at times, and are gearing up to play a game called Wreckage, and I have been busy building some cars.

I like to repaint some of the panels a different color to make it look like repairs have been done.

These models are quite fun, simple, cheap and a great distraction.

After reading Mik's post about his cowboy game, I think I may even give that a look.



  1. Looking good, love the Wreckage cars. I have enjoyed painting every Kroot I've ever done, they're very fun figs.


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