Nurgle "Frog Skin" Rot on Vehicles

Well I had so much fun with my Nurgle Death Guard Bikers, but the new technique for dimpling the armor on the bikes made the older vehicles look a bit out of place.

You might remember the MkI rhinos and the MkI Land Raider, I was a bit leery about bashing up some completed and rather rare models, but I figured I wouldn't ever strip them and try to salvage them for a different army, so why not.

Here is one of the Rhinos after a bit of Dremel tool "frog skinning". No going back now!

I use this tip on my Dremel tool on the slow setting, and kind of tap it all over the area that I want the dimples on, and I try to vary how hard I am pressing to make the dots different sizes. You can see it makes a mess.

Here you can see how the plastic gets fuzzy from the tooling.

So I use some liquid plastic cement with a brush applicator, and brush it all over the area, which melts the fuzzy stuff and also takes the sharp edges down , but this stuff is pretty noxious, so good to do in a well ventilated area.



I still need to add some more rust, the dimples take drybrushing much better than the previous flat panels, and add an interesting texture.

I also used this as a chance to WYSIWHG my rhino with a searchlight and twin linked bloters.

I hope I read the Chaos Codex right, it comes with twin linked bolters and for 10pts you add an additional combi weapon.

I have not frog skinned the Rhino yet, but I don't think I will be able to resist.