Why does disaster always happen to me?/Krieg Project part 1

My modeling cabinet is in the kitchen, high enough that no one in the family wants to use it this space. I have been using this spot for four years now but for some reason, I keep dropping models right at that spot. Every other model drops 5 feet to the ground, shattering into pieces. I rummage around, looking for some stuff and bonk, there drops another model. Half the time, it's the actual model I am building, working hard at another cool conversion or whatever, I am happily admiring progress when suddenly it slips from my fingers....a you tube video would see me desperately trying to keep ahold of it, only making it's flight path even unpredictable and uncatchable.
This is what happened this morning. After building my first Knight of Bal Timorean, I decided to build another one. I had finished the complex kitbash and already basecoated all the different colors, incl a wash. And then:
It is so disheartening and really, really dissapointing. You work so hard on bring an idea to life and everyone knows that gluing metal, resing and plastic together can be really frustrating. My wife knows all this by now and I only have to look through my teary eyes at her for a hug, damn I hate this cabinet!

OK, moving on. Here's my other baby project: Death Korps of Krieg Mole Launcher team clears out enemy bunker. The bunker is getting there...
It looks kind of messy right now because of the spackle but I am going to sand it down in the spots where it spilled. Still have to make sandbags out of green stuff.
My wife made me some barbed wire from beading wire. She wrapped two pieces around each other and then made the little loops that she cut short to look like barbs.

More on this project late this week.
Go Giants!



  1. Condolences on the Knight mishap.

    I'm really intrigued by your Krieg project! How big is it?

  2. Yeah, I haven't glued that knight back together...
    The Krieg Project is baby; 60mm base with 2 guys. Can't get those Krieg guys here in Santa Cruz, John got these on accident and didn't want to do anything with them. I am playing, slowly getting inspired. Check out the FW modeling book, that's my bible for this kind of stuff

  3. To help protect against future mishaps like that you might want to consider investing in a rug that you can either leave under/beside your cabinet, or lay out when you work on your miniatures.

  4. I had a smilar drop problem. I soved this by putting everythig in my figurecase.

    greetz griffit

  5. If you want a stronger bond between parts, it might help to try pinning. If you use a pin vice and some decent wire you can create really firm joins.

  6. Pinning is useful, but sometimes it is totally impractical due to the models themselves having huge interior gaps. One option I've found works when doing multiple substance bonds is gorilla superglue. Yes, if you drop it from high enough it will break apart, but gorilla glue seems to have a more plastimer bond which gives it a bit tougher hold. It's easily available at Wal-Mart, and most hardware stores at a reasonable price.


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