A brandspanking new kitbashed DIY Banewolf from scraps:

When I finished the diorama with the Bishkek 2nd Basilisk Battery, i looked at my work area and saw countless spues, discarded and cut up half bitz and other leftover scraps. I challenged myself to make my last Bishkek vehicle out of scraps and settled on a 3rd Hellhound/Banewolf. Here's the model:
The sides are from the old style Rhino. It was amazing to see that the top of a chimera follows the countours perfectly...that took no time at all. On the front and bottom I added some plate work from an old Chimera sprue and using this's and that's built up the front, adding a driver's window and a flamer.
Here's a top view
The turret I scratchbuilt out of plastic card, adding the rivets and other odd bitz, using some powercable bit to help make the barrel look good.

I had a bunch of pipe laying around like this stuff below:

here's the link to more pictures of that kit. My buddy Christian give it to me and they sell it in San Jose at Game kastle
(later added: here is the link to this product online if you want to buy it)
Amazingly, the pipes fit perfectly into the gunner holes of the Chimera and the bigger tank move perfectly into the top hatch, making it look a bit sunken. I mean, this build is so easy, it took me no more then an hour from start to finish, not counting drying time.
Here's a simple, hourlong paint job:

No need to spend 50 bucks on a Banewolf when you can make this!

Challenge: anyone who wants to make one like this, send me an email and I will send you some piping. There is a rule of course: I want to see this tank soon! I will post it here. Obviously, i don't have a lot left, but enough for one or two.


  1. Awesome. Now that's a tank! Great work.

  2. That is certainly a spiffy looking tank!

  3. This looks really great! Nice use of old bits there, and to be honest, I think that I'd like to have a try at this. Subbed!

  4. I just can't get over how well the paintjob pulls everything together.
    Impressive & inspiring (as usual).

    What a fun project!

  5. Fabulous.

    I love how shiny the paintwork was on your Dark Angels rhino. It almost looks like it has been lacquered.

    That kit was the bomb. I only ever had one and I find myself really confused as to where it's gone.

    I certainly don't recall selling. Perhaps a friend borrowed it...

    I almost feel bad that you've only extracted one post from this little project. I'd have loved to have seen some WIP shots.

    Can you give us a shot of it next to one of the others for scale purposes?

  6. looks amazing. the pieces fit super well. i have all those bi5z including 2 boxes of the pegasus cgemical plant set (your piping). i am definately stealing this but probably won't have time until after christmas. thanks for sharing.

  7. They also sell the Chemical Plant set at The War Store (http://www.thewarstore.com/product18602.html).

    Looks amazing. Excellent use of bits.

  8. thanks all.
    GDMNW: actually, the rhino parts came from John, years ago (i never throw away bitz..) but not sure if he painted it.
    michael: do it! Let me see
    david: thanks for the link. I will add it to the post

  9. Wow, looks awesome. Apparently kit-bashing and scratch building vehicles isn't just for Orks


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