What I'm Working On - Update

With all the Heroes of Armageddon stuff going on, and monthly local game club Fantasy expansion. I have been plugging along on some models.

I showed you some of the Ork Hunters I am doing for the HoA Steel Legion prize army lead by Dave Taylor, which will be coming up for paint after I pin them to the Dragon Forge Bases.

I am also working on a squad of Savlar Chem Dogs for the same army. After doing some internet searching for ideas, I found some great bits for Chem Dog conversions from Victoria Miniatures. After an email, Victoria donated the needed bits and more ( stay tuned for a detailed review and great future weekly raffle prize ) heres a Chem Dog test model using the head and pack from Victoria Miniatures.

I liked the bits so much I bought a set for myself. I will be using the kilted legs for my Ardwick Veterans. Here is a test model painted up, with a regular trooper.

 I have also been keeping up on my Lizardman expansion army and getting a good amount of 8th edition games in with last week at 600 points and next month jumping to 800, here is the horde at 600.

I have plenty more to do, so June will be a busy month for me.

Tomorrow we will announce the next weekly give away prize.



  1. Love the kilted Ardwick trooper!!!
    Try doing a Seaforth Highlander kilt instead of Black Watch - there's more green in it.


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