Ads for Charity Review: Victoria Miniatures Penal Guard Conversion Kit

We have had a few ads up for a couple of months, highlighting companies that have been generous to Charity projects that Santa Cruz Warhammer has spearheaded. John and I are both grateful to Victoria Lamb who donated generously to Heroes of Armageddon. Victoria sent us another TWO sets of her new Penal Squad set. John did a review

I am a big fan of Victoria Lamb's work and I have really been enjoying the bits and models she has been coming out with at Victoria Miniatures.

This is the second series of bits I have used to represent Imperial Guard troops. Some of you may have seen the Savlar Chem Dogs I built using Victoria Miniatures bits for the Heroes of Armageddon Project.

This time I am using this set to make some Penal Legion troopers.

The set comes with nine metal torsos with collars and ten heads to including the custodian with cigar and cap.

I used Catachan legs and Cadian arms which I removed the shoulder pads from. I wanted the Penal troops to look like they were wearing prisoner jumpsuits. The Custodian is unmodified Cadian legs and arms.

Here is a pic before painting them, you can see the liquid greenstuff I used to blend the shoulder seams.

I wanted the arms to show as much of the penal legion collars and torso so I used clippers and file to remove the shoulder pads from the plastic arms. You can see the after at the top.

I really like the inmate number tags on the torsos, but I am not that great with tiny freehand numbering, so I decided to use some little number decals to make the inmate numbers.

these numbers were easy to steal right of of any GW decal sheet, I just mixed up some of the transfer sheet part numbers, cutting them off and leaving a tab to handle with tweezers to make it easy to locate them.

Here is the squad of ten models. When I painted my Ardwick 23rd penal troops I went with orange jumpsuits, so this time I painted them grey and washed them a bit heavy to look a bit dirty.

This was a fun set to build up a great unit that can be made to fit in with and Imperial Guard army. Since you choose the custodian's uniform, you should be able to fit this unit in whatever style you use for your guard.

Just like Victoria's other kits, these metal bits are very well cast and were very nice to work with, the size and scale work very well with Games Workshop bits and help you make some great looking models that fit in well with GW artwork and fluff without you having to make everything on your own.

Please have a look at the Victoria Miniatures web store to see all the fine products that she offers. If you find something you like, please let her know that we sent you.


On sunday we will give away one set of these awesome new bitz! Stay tuned! 
And remember, support the companies that have their heart in the right place!


  1. Squad looks very nice, the Victoria Lamb torsos are perfect for the job.

    The stroke of genius is how you did the numbers on their backs though!

  2. Victoria Lamb kits certainly are lovely and these are painted and modeled in a very complimentary fashion.

    Just wish shipping costs from Australia weren't so horrendous...

  3. Rictus-
    those decal and Micro Set/Sol are a great asset.

    Deadestdai- its 10 bucks to ship nearly anything, or free if you have over 100 bucks in the order, so perhaps bundle an order with some friends or see about having the local shop order some stuff, you'll be surprised how quick you can get to the 100 min order for free shipping with a few buddies.

    Her stuff is very nice


  4. Hi, thanks for the great review, its terrific to see these models so nicely put together and painted.
    I'll be running a special for anyone ordering a Penal Guard kit between now and the 12th of January. Just mention Santa Cruz Warhammer on your paypal form and for every Penal Kit purchased I'll throw in an extra bald head sprue and enough of the new laser rifle arms to kit out your ten man squad.
    Thanks and keep up the great work SCW.
    Victoria Lamb

  5. Thanks Victoria! Well will be promoting this on Sunday!

  6. They look really good. The grey scheme looks really sharp too. Those torsos are very well proportioned. I really like her caledonian legs too.

    Victoria-that is quite the offer. I might end up having to get some penal legionnaires myself...

  7. That's a rather ingenious way of using those serial numbers on the decal sheets!

    Great job working with the VM parts too. :)

  8. WOW amazing squad !

    Great blog !

    Im following you, You can follow me too


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