Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Hordes of Vormond: an update!

With the recent Santa Cruz Warhammer Invitational nights, we have agreed on painting up 200 points of Fantasy each month, in time to play small, fun games. 200 points doesn't seem like much but at this point I have the two final squads of the Bishkek 2nd waiting, plus a drop pod and 12 Space Wolf Terminators...and then there is family, work, friends, the blog and life in general.. busy but very happy.

OK, so I am playing my Hordes of Vormond, full of undead entities (but no vampires yet). I had finished the ghouls and the grave guard but needed a leader for my 200 point army. I decided on a necromancer and chose a  model from the Studio McVey line, actually their first model they brought out. I bought it years ago in a limited series (I got #87 out of 750). I never knew what to do with it, until last week, when I realized it would make an excellent necromancer.

I decided early on in the Vampire Counts Project that I wouldn't go to town on the painting and just get them OK for the table top. It has been very nice not to feel pressured in trying to come up with another 'masterpiece'. This way I really feel happy and light, I know you all can relate.

The model is still available from the McVeys, so head over to limited resin production and scroll all the way to the right if you like this idea.

After finishing this model, I really go the vibes and jumped onto the corpse cart, one of my favorite models of all time. Here that model is, painted and based. It's a bear of a model and really fun to paint, but take your time; there is a lot going on.

I created the base from apoxiesculpt and had fun making wheel tracks into the sculpt. So far I have custom sculpted every singe base in this army and plan on a small tutorial next week.

Then, this weekend I put together 25 skeletons...trying to get ready for next month's invitational...here are the Hordes of Vormond so far:

 My tip for 40K players wanting to dabble in Fantasy: start with 200 points and get it painted up. Fantasy models look great ranked up and make for a fun spectacle on the table. Just don't start too big, keep your expectations low; it will be very rewarding!



  1. The cart is suitably gross and disgusting. Very Nice.

  2. Wow Cool!! They're looking real good!