Thursday, May 28, 2009

Another Converted Ork War Trakk

A year ago I bought a bunch of old Robogear models and have modified them to be used as wartrakks with twin linked rokkits. Here is that older post. I have fielded them in every game I have played with the Orks and they are usually highly succesful. Here is the unpainted set from a year ago:

This is one of the two I hadn't done yet:

and 'ere he is today:

In the paintscheme I decided to go very traditional, like painting a WWII Sherman or something, with no real Ork markings on it and lots of green. The basecoat was Catachan Green, then a huge wash of Sepia, then all the highlights with Knarloc green and some with Rotting Flesh.

The wash came out great and it almost looks like it was airbrushed, certainly along the raised areas. The red bumper is made of bitz from the Black Orc Sprues.

I liked the rokkits to be white and normal, like they came from an old F-15 Eagle that the Orks dug up somewhere.

I had to add a small ork glyph...

Here is the post to my previous wartrakk that also has a magnetized Grot rokkit on it. Here is the post about the first Wartrakk I ever converted. If you are interested in making Robogear models into 40K one, be sure to read this post!

All in all, real simple stuff, no artwork, but very, very enjoyable nonetheless! Hope it inspires!


  1. Hey guy, good work!
    That´s not easy to fit several parts that looks like real "ork-made"
    And i see a really good airbrush- technique compared with some nice Details. Fine!

  2. Awesome looking work mate. Need something like that for my army. Awesome detailing.

  3. Those look great, Mike! Where did you get your Robogear stuff? I would love to get my hands on some of that for conversions! I also love the raised launch mechanism for the missle rack. That has some potential for use on a Chimera to make a Deathstrike!

  4. You can find more models like thisr by going to Ebay and typing in Robogear.
    let's see some more conversions!
    Mike at SCW

  5. I found and ordered a bunch of the kits on eBay today. I hope they get here soon so I can bash them into something!

  6. Jeff, I am slightly honored by your enthusiasm! This is what blogs are for. I remember your Grot tanks which led me to envisioning the mechanized rough riders...
    Mike at SCW