Tuesday, January 23, 2018

A Little Catch-up

Hi there,

Aside from huge cases of life, we SC Warhammerers have been quite busy on the gaming front.

SC John has been busy painting various things and scheming up up new projects for us to attempt. (I'll post pix of some of his recent work soon!)

SC Mike has been busy expanding his Astra Militarum (It's still SO hard for us old-timers to call them that instead of Imperial Guard!!!).

SC Mike's most recent work are his Scions -

He also added a green-stuff fur collar to his Colonel-Commissar - and finished painting him up!

And here's a shot of the rest of his growing platoon!

I've recently joined a local 40k Escalation League and got in my first game last night. It was a brutal 6 turn slug-fest that ended with quite the scrum in the center of the table...

Here my Archangels race to the center of the table - my Librarian finished off the AM Commander as the lower Leman Russ obliterates 4 of the 5 tac marines!

After charging and destroying the damaged Leman Russ with my Librarian and tying up the minty Leman Russ with my rhino, the smoke cleared and dust settled with the Archangels holding the      center and winning the match! But it was a bloody close one!                                                           

That's it for now!

Monday, December 11, 2017

Holiday Busy-ness!

Happy Holidays to everyone!
Each of us at Santa Cruz Warhammer wish you a wonderful holiday season!

We’ve all been rather busy lately with life and hobbying. Here’s some of what SC Mike has been busy with - A Winter WWII-Themed Cadian Army! Wow! Amazing stuff Mike. Keep up the amazing work!!!

“I finished the fourth and final uniform painting scheme for my new guard army, based on the German army during the failed Russian campaign. This one has the reversible camo uni, showing the standard army camo pattern all the way. I also modified the helmet color, less green, more blue mixed in. Group shot are the Four I am going use.” ~ SC Mike

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Nurgle's Rot Tutorial

Things have been a little slow hobby-wise for me recently. I've been playing in our local Blood Bowl 7's league but haven't done any painting or modeling in nearly 2 weeks!

SC Mike however, keeps pumping out amazing things! Take a look at his Nurgle Land Raider...

If you're wondering how to achieve this cool "rotting" effect, check out SC John's tutorial here: Nurgle's Rot Tutorial

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Sprucing up your gaming!

Recently we started a new season of Blood Bowl 7's. Pezman has been running the league for us for 4 straight years now. Not only does he run the league, but he provides a weekly run down of stats (best thrower, most td's, most kills) and league standings.

I do my part to enrich the league experience by writing a bi-weekly newsletter for my team. But mine goes a bit deeper. My newsletter is produced like a school newsletter since my 7's team is supposed to be from the University of Greifswald - the Demi-Gryphs! Greifswald is my own made up Empire town in the mountains south of Nuln. (Yes, I know Greifswald is a real town in Germany!😊)

I include images, a student news sections, a classified ads section and more. Here is the latest issue:

Little touches like these go a long way to improving the overall gaming experience for everyone

Many of my league-mates can't wait for the next issue or even do back-stories, team bio's and newsletters of their own. It makes for a richer atmosphere and leads to intense, friendly rivalries!

I did a similar type of thing when I ran a large map-based Warhammer Fantasy campaign during the End Times. I had a weekly newsletter and each issue featured one of the campaign generals and their exploits! Here's a pic of the first page from Week 11 of the campaign - 
I hope I've inspired you! Keep up the good work!

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Upcoming Blood Bowl 7's League

A bunch of us Santa Cruz folk are getting our teams ready for a new season of Blood Bowl 7's League. This is our 4th (I think) year of 7's run and organized by the world famous Pez!
We have a dedicated SCBB7's Facebook page where we talk smack and show off our painted goodies.

Here's what I've done so far...my Catcher and Thrower for my team the Griefswald Demi-Gryphs!

Here are some other images from league-mates...

Jason's Ork WIP

Joseph's Troll WIP

Evil Space Elves' Ork Team WIP

 Josh's Norse Team WIP

and Chris' stunning human team - The Reiksport Pirates

There are other players too but I don't have pictures for them yet. This should be another exciting league and I can't wait for it to start! I'll post league updates occasionally...

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Saturday, September 23, 2017


It seems we've all been quite busy lately. SC Mike has been painting and converting up an incredible Nurgle warband. He's already challenged me to a match soon too! I can't wait!
Here's some of his stuff:
The latest corrupted brother
The warband grows!
 More Poxwalkers

I've been working on my Primaris forces, albeit slowly.
I've got a squad of Hellblasters and a squad of Intercessors assembled, primed and ready to paint. Here's a pic:

Primaris Intercessors ready for paint
Our friend Pezman is preparing to run a Blood bowl 7's league in a couple of weeks so I've also been getting my team assembled and modifying my pitch - more on that later.

SC John has also been corrupted by Nurgle and is working on his new Nurgle army as well. Here's a peek of what he's been up to:

Poxwalkers & friends

Plague Marines & more!

Saturday, September 9, 2017

I hope you've been getting in tons of gaming, modelling and painting!

With all the excitement over the new Warhammer 40K, I thought I'd share a little of what I've been up to...
Besides painting Primaris Reivers and playing in the Konor Campaign at our local FLGS, I've also been busy updating my website that I created for my Space Marine Chapter - The Archangels.
I've had a website dedicated to them in all of their incarnations since about 2001. You can check it out here if you're interested!
The story for my space marine chapter has been completely overhauled for the new 8th edition of the game and introduces Primaris Marines into my chapter. I've also been going back to Bolter and Chainsword and updating all of my chapter info on my old entries there as well.

This new version of 40K makes the game very enjoyable and much quicker to play. It has reinvigorated many who have been burnt out on playing to come back and check it out.
SC John and SC Mike have even been working on new projects as well. Here's something SC Mike is working on at the moment - Amazing Mike! Keep up the great work!!!
I know this page doesn't get updated much, but we've all been quite active on SC Warhammer and The Barter Bucket over on Facebook. Please check out our pages there!

If you love writing online fluff for your wargaming hobbies, please feel free to share the links!

~SC Glenn

Sunday, July 3, 2016

Prep for Age of Sigmar Summer Campaign

O.k. I know it's been a year since one of us posted something, but here you go.

I've been eagerly anticipating the new Age of Sigmar Summer Campaign (kicks off July 14th) and I have been frantically modeling and painting up my Stormcast Eternals force. I just finished up painting my first 1000pts. (going by the soon to be released Generals Handbook)

But I've got a few simple tricks to easily convert some models so you don't have to shell out tons of hard-earned dough.

The first and most obvious tip is to buy the AoS starter box if you're interested in playing either Stormcast or Chaos. You can find them online for around $80 at the moment and if you have a friend who's interested in going in on it with you, perfect! $40 will get you a 900 point Stormcast army...shell out a bit more for a 100 point hero and there's a nice even 1000 point "Vanguard" force. I added a Knight Azyros for my 1000 point list.

I played in a small local tournament (and incredibly ended up winng it!) that offered lots of AoS prize support. As a prize I got a box of Paladins. This kit is amazing as it contains enough extra bits to kit out of convert tons of other models. Retail is normally around $58, but honestly, for the extra bits you get and the amount of money you'll save by converting, makes this kit totally worth it.
I chose to build most of mine as Protectors ( with glaives). This freed up tons of hammers (Retributors) and axes (Decimators). I spent some time snooping around eBay and scored a few more Retributors from the starter box. I snipped off the hammer heads to make quick and easy Decimators by gluing on the spare axe head.

Original starter box Retributors on the left, Decimator conversions on the right...simple!

Next, I scored several Celestant on Dracoth (Vandus Hammerhand) models from the starter set. If you're cheap like me and don't mind several of the same model in a unit, then this will save you loads. I also bought a 4 pack of Prosecutor shields, also from eBay.

I decided convert two celestant models to Extremis Concussors and two to Extremis Desolators using spare heads, hammers and axe head bits from the Paladin box plus the shields.

This conversion requires a bit more clipping and filling in gaps with greenstuff, but the conversions are simple and quite easy.

Cutting off the head and axe are easy, but you'll have to fill in the gap on the shoulder pad.

Next up was to convert a starter box prosecutor prime into a Knight Azyros. Originally, I used a spare 40k Grey Knights sword in place of the hammer in the right hand and a lantern bit from an old Empire or Mordheim sprue for the left. It looked ok, but I ended up getting the 4 pack Warhammer Quest expansion and building the Knight Venator which has the sword and lantern to make an Azyros. I swapped out the grey knight sword and empire lantern for the proper bitz and this is what I ended up with.

Again, not bad, and it saves a bit of money.
I have a few more conversion ideas, such as converting a Retributor to a Knight Vexilor using the spare banners that I cut off from the Celestant on Dracoth models as well as converting a Lord Relictor into a Lord Celestant on foot.

I hope that I've helped to inspire you!!!
Ciao for now, 
SC Glenn

Saturday, June 6, 2015

Santa Cruz Fury Road!

The Santa Cruz Warhammer group in Santa Cruz, California has been gripped by a really fun, new project: playing games with little cars and modeling them in the style of Mad Max. The cars, mostly Hot Wheels and Matchbox, are cheap, mostly around 99 cents each and the modeling can be pretty daunting, at least if you want to make something good. You can also find actual cars used in the movies, like the Ford Falcon or the Chrysler Valiant, but those are out of print and only to be found on Ebay, for 5-10 bucks each.

There are few different road games you can play with these cars, like Car Wars or Road Wolf (which is what we play in Santa Cruz and is free online ), and there are plenty more, (if you know of some good ones, share them in the comments). The game does need a gaming surface, mostly roads and some buildings. The scale is smaller then 40K so you can't use any of those terrain pieces. The game rules are pretty much free and online and there is NO company support for it; it's a true grassroots movement!

Being a modeler first and a Gamer second, I loved the idea of buying models for a dollar and spending a joyful week on them, cutting them up and kitbashing them (and not having to spend 40-50 dollars). Before I saw Fury Road I bought two random good looking Hot Wheels and kitbashed them; here's one of them:
and the finished model:

You can see that with a bit of inventiveness and good size bitz box, you can really have a lot of fun!

Here are some more builds from our group:
(Chris Wolfe)

(Jordan Nichols, not painted yet)


Then I saw Dave Taylor, whom we all admire, work on his Mad Max models; they are amazing! Dave really shows what's possible with good modeling skills and great vision. Here are three of Dave's cars for his Fury Road project, he uses them with his group in Car Wars and on his blog he shows wonderful how-to's.

Dave is also part of our Facebook page Santa Cruz Fury Road and it's been really fun sharing ideas and showing of builds with him.

I tried my hand on copying Dave's Hedgehog conversion you see above and I am still working on it, but you can see how much fun it is to mess around with all this.

AND now I want to see someone tackle this one (Dave Taylor...)

Here's our game board built by Sc John, founder and driving force in the Santa Cruz Fury Road Project:
and after finishing it up:

So far we have played one group game with our cars and we are still getting used to the rules. The dice rolling for Road Wolf is different, but makes for a lot of fun. After playing for a bit, you quickly learn how fragile bikes can be and how important the roads movement phase can be. In our game the road and it's hazards claimed almost as many cars as the fighting did, but to be fair we were driving a little on the reckless side. 

Lots of local friends have started looking around everywhere for models.... SC John  found this little gem at the flea market for 50 cents: '73 Falcon, the original Mad Max Interceptor and it will get the treatment soon.

Cars can be found for pocket change at yard sales, second hand stores and flea markets, or new for about a buck at discount stores.

Scale can be a bit tricky for semi trucks and motor bikes to keep them in the scale range of the 1/64 scale Hotwheels and Matchbox cars, and dirt bikes are proving to be the hardest thing to find so far.

SC John started the group TWO weeks ago and so much has been done already! It's really been a long time since I felt this surge of inspiration going through our gaming community and you can do that as well! Start a group and start looking for little cars....

SC Mike