Thursday, May 23, 2019

RT Wolf-Time Campaign

Continuing my project for the Wolf-Time Campaign...

Trying to color match an RT era marine I painted 30 years ago (left) to a modern attempt (right). 

Though I like the darker blue, it’s too dark to match up with my original Archangels. It’s metal so it’ll be easy to strip and try again.

Even though Land Raiders aren't used in the Wolf-Time Campaign, I felt the need to repair and rebuild one of my Land Raiders. I used the old WD plans to turn it into a Spartan using Rhino parts and card stock.
Because I used card-stock and not plastic card for all the scratch built parts, they didn’t stand the test of decades. So I took it all apart and fixed it up the best I could.😊

There was a huge canon hole drilled in the front of the land raider which I covered up with the spare tank tread. Covered it perfectly! When I made the Spartan, that LR front piece wasn't used. It was used on the old Sabre Tank Hunter conversion instead. Now, it's back home where it belongs! =)

 Broken Las-Cannons had to be drilled out and repaired. Luckily, they still retain their full mobility!

Huge hole on the bottom from the original conversion. Luckily, that won't be seen on the table top.

Wednesday, May 15, 2019


Back in March, after a conversation with my friend Kevin, we decided to tackle the old "Wolf Time Campaign" from the Book of the Astronomicon.
What follows are my posts about my progress that were posted on the SC Warhammer Facebook page but not here on the blog...

Last week I was chatting with my friend Kevin and we got to talking about the old RT Book of the Astronomicon and the “Wolf-Time Campaign” that is in it.

I told him I had never played that campaign back in the day. He said he still had all of his scenery for it.

Next thing y’know, I’m digging through my old RT models to see if I have all the required marines to play the campaign. I’ve never played Space Wolves so my Archangels will have to do!
The Imperial player needs 56 models (technically less if you recycle units/models that get killed in the first couple scenarios - but this is Santa Cruz Warhammer... Go Big or Go Home!!!)

I was inspired and glued up a flamer marine and 4 las-cannon marines. I stayed true to form and used original 1980’s bases and even found a few 1980’s nickels to glue under the bases to keep them balanced. I used 4 of the old lead...err “metal” las-cannons that I had in my bitz box.

I need to build up 4 more missile launcher marines for the combat squads and buy another “metal” heavy bolter marine for a support unit.

I’ll need to proxy 1 plasma gun for a melta-gun that goes in the assault squad and 2 multi-meltas for the support units instead of 2 more missile launchers.

A little more gluing and some quick painting to match up the new guys to my original Archangels and I’ll be good to go!

Monday, March 4, 2019

Last week, the Santa Cruz Warhammer team decided to do something we haven't done in quite awhile...start up our once-a-month game night.

Though our first one was a modest affair (only SC Mike, SC John and myself SC Glenn were present), we had a great time. SC Mike taught SC John and I how to play the old GW boardgame Judge Dredd.

Being a huge Judge Dredd fan myself, I was amazed that I had never played this one before. Though I've played the J.D. roleplaying game many times.

This game is quite fun and at times brutal when you use cards 'against' your fellow players to slow down or hinder their progress.

A good time was had by all!
As SC Glenn moves his judge, SC John is plotting how to thwart him.

The game board near the end...Judge Pike just can't seem to stay out of the Infirmary for long!

~SC Glenn

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

A Little Catch-up

Hi there,

Aside from huge cases of life, we SC Warhammerers have been quite busy on the gaming front.

SC John has been busy painting various things and scheming up up new projects for us to attempt. (I'll post pix of some of his recent work soon!)

SC Mike has been busy expanding his Astra Militarum (It's still SO hard for us old-timers to call them that instead of Imperial Guard!!!).

SC Mike's most recent work are his Scions -

He also added a green-stuff fur collar to his Colonel-Commissar - and finished painting him up!

And here's a shot of the rest of his growing platoon!

I've recently joined a local 40k Escalation League and got in my first game last night. It was a brutal 6 turn slug-fest that ended with quite the scrum in the center of the table...

Here my Archangels race to the center of the table - my Librarian finished off the AM Commander as the lower Leman Russ obliterates 4 of the 5 tac marines!

After charging and destroying the damaged Leman Russ with my Librarian and tying up the minty Leman Russ with my rhino, the smoke cleared and dust settled with the Archangels holding the      center and winning the match! But it was a bloody close one!                                                           

That's it for now!

Monday, December 11, 2017

Holiday Busy-ness!

Happy Holidays to everyone!
Each of us at Santa Cruz Warhammer wish you a wonderful holiday season!

We’ve all been rather busy lately with life and hobbying. Here’s some of what SC Mike has been busy with - A Winter WWII-Themed Cadian Army! Wow! Amazing stuff Mike. Keep up the amazing work!!!

“I finished the fourth and final uniform painting scheme for my new guard army, based on the German army during the failed Russian campaign. This one has the reversible camo uni, showing the standard army camo pattern all the way. I also modified the helmet color, less green, more blue mixed in. Group shot are the Four I am going use.” ~ SC Mike

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Nurgle's Rot Tutorial

Things have been a little slow hobby-wise for me recently. I've been playing in our local Blood Bowl 7's league but haven't done any painting or modeling in nearly 2 weeks!

SC Mike however, keeps pumping out amazing things! Take a look at his Nurgle Land Raider...

If you're wondering how to achieve this cool "rotting" effect, check out SC John's tutorial here: Nurgle's Rot Tutorial

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Sprucing up your gaming!

Recently we started a new season of Blood Bowl 7's. Pezman has been running the league for us for 4 straight years now. Not only does he run the league, but he provides a weekly run down of stats (best thrower, most td's, most kills) and league standings.

I do my part to enrich the league experience by writing a bi-weekly newsletter for my team. But mine goes a bit deeper. My newsletter is produced like a school newsletter since my 7's team is supposed to be from the University of Greifswald - the Demi-Gryphs! Greifswald is my own made up Empire town in the mountains south of Nuln. (Yes, I know Greifswald is a real town in Germany!😊)

I include images, a student news sections, a classified ads section and more. Here is the latest issue:

Little touches like these go a long way to improving the overall gaming experience for everyone

Many of my league-mates can't wait for the next issue or even do back-stories, team bio's and newsletters of their own. It makes for a richer atmosphere and leads to intense, friendly rivalries!

I did a similar type of thing when I ran a large map-based Warhammer Fantasy campaign during the End Times. I had a weekly newsletter and each issue featured one of the campaign generals and their exploits! Here's a pic of the first page from Week 11 of the campaign - 
I hope I've inspired you! Keep up the good work!

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Upcoming Blood Bowl 7's League

A bunch of us Santa Cruz folk are getting our teams ready for a new season of Blood Bowl 7's League. This is our 4th (I think) year of 7's run and organized by the world famous Pez!
We have a dedicated SCBB7's Facebook page where we talk smack and show off our painted goodies.

Here's what I've done so Catcher and Thrower for my team the Griefswald Demi-Gryphs!

Here are some other images from league-mates...

Jason's Ork WIP

Joseph's Troll WIP

Evil Space Elves' Ork Team WIP

 Josh's Norse Team WIP

and Chris' stunning human team - The Reiksport Pirates

There are other players too but I don't have pictures for them yet. This should be another exciting league and I can't wait for it to start! I'll post league updates occasionally...

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Saturday, September 23, 2017


It seems we've all been quite busy lately. SC Mike has been painting and converting up an incredible Nurgle warband. He's already challenged me to a match soon too! I can't wait!
Here's some of his stuff:
The latest corrupted brother
The warband grows!
 More Poxwalkers

I've been working on my Primaris forces, albeit slowly.
I've got a squad of Hellblasters and a squad of Intercessors assembled, primed and ready to paint. Here's a pic:

Primaris Intercessors ready for paint
Our friend Pezman is preparing to run a Blood bowl 7's league in a couple of weeks so I've also been getting my team assembled and modifying my pitch - more on that later.

SC John has also been corrupted by Nurgle and is working on his new Nurgle army as well. Here's a peek of what he's been up to:

Poxwalkers & friends

Plague Marines & more!