Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Fully Painted Traitor Guard for sale

I have decided to sell my custom built Traitor Guard (for IG rules) and hopefully find a good home for it. I have never played with them and the journey towards completion was more fun then playing games. Hundreds of hours and a lot of money went into this project and if someone is interested, please give me a respectful offer.

Here are the units:
Commanding officer plus Master of Ordnance (or whatever special guy you want him to be) 


Scratch built Heavy Weapons

As featured on Victoria Miniatures facebook page: captured good guys  made into penal squad with green stuff collars that blank their minds PLUS cool mech dog

Extensively modified Banewolf


Troops, total of 14 models like these, all kitbashed and individual, with two flamers like the one in the image

two sergeants

Custom built Storm Troopers or counts as another squad.

Counts as Vendetta

All the individual models have magnetic stickers to the bases, so they are easily transported.
The army is by no means complete and I always envisioned to be allied with Chaos Marines, of which I have a lot of painted models styled with the same swamp bases. But I haven;'t made up my mind letting go of those. I really want to find a good home for them!
For more on how all the builds went, click on the label Traitor Guard in the label list.

If you are interested, drop me a line my eemail   mike dot tess at charter dot.....net

SC Mike

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Bolt Action players sought!

If you live in the greater Bay Area and you play Bolt Action or would love to try it out, check out our facebook page Bolt Action Bay Area.

I have been playing this game now for about 8 months and I am totally in love with it. It is in a lot of ways similar to warhammer and 40K, but in a lot of ways it's very different. One thing that is eyecatching: it's much less complicated. And that is part of why I like it. My buddies and I can truly enjoy the flow of the game, the models on the table and basically hanging out with eachother, chatting about work, family or whatever without stressing (or arguing) about the rules.

grandpa (on the left)

Part of me starting Bolt Action, was the fact that my wife's grandma was WW2 veteran in the 10th mountain division and received two purple hearts and a bronze star for his service in Northern Italy in 1944-45. It led me to model my first army, the 92nd all black regiment that fought in Northern Italy.

1000 point army, enough for plenty of fun games!

The history behind Bolt Action, WW2, is so vast and there is always something new to learn, often you find that out when you are modeling a specific vehicle or unit. It makes it interesting knowing that all of this is real and not a made up world. It's also enjoyable to model you kits on actual vehicles, like the camo on this crusader,

which matches the real one:

British eighth army Crusader

Maybe it's my middle age man syndrome, but I am kind of totally over Games Workshop. I feel angry about the companies strategies over the last 4 years or so and I am convinced they have destroyed the playfullness and creativity of the game to make as much profit as possible. The pricing of new models is astounding.
Warlord, maker of Bolt Action, is an upstart compared to GW, and they display a more youthful exuberance about their product. The models are not cheap, but much cheaper then GW's models. Also, you don't need as many models in Bolt Action to have a good game.

If you interested in WW2 history and love to model creatively, play some mellow games and believe in the cinematic feel of this game, give it a try. AND if you live in the Bay Area, check out our new Bolt Action Bay Area page. The goal is to promote this game in our neck of the woods, get together and maybe organize a tournament or so.

We also have a blog: Santa Cruz Warhammer Historical, where we mix history with modeling. Become a follower!

SC Mike

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Nesbit Purple Heart Update

The Nesbit Purple Heart made it home to his daughter for Christmas, hit this link for the local news story and video.

Merry Christmas everyone.

Thursday, December 5, 2013

(UPDATED)Help Us Make a Holiday Miracle Come True: we did it!

Update: After only one day I am happy to report that the funds have been raised and this part of the project is complete! 

Thank you everyone!

Many of  the long time readers of this blog will remember our past fund raising projects. We took on some huge projects, with great teams and brought a bunch of great people together from our hobby world to work together and give back as a group. This year I have decided to kick it down a notch. No raffles, no weekly updates from teams of blog hobby superstars. This time I am simply going to ask our readers and friends to help us do something that we feel needs to be done.

This year I am asking for your help to make a holiday miracle happen.

This is Jackie Nesbit, he was a member of the 17th Airborne 466th Parachute Field Artillery Battalion, he was killed in combat during Operation Varsity on March 24 1945.

This is a photo of Jackie and his wife Elizabeth Nesbit just before he was deployed to Europe. Jackie and Elizabeth had a daughter Patricia, she was born after Jackie left for the war, they never got to meet each other, she was one month old when he was killed in combat 

 Patricia as a young girl 

 This is Patricia now.

After the war Elizabeth remarried, and the family moved around a bit. Sometime during that period, the Purple Heart Medal that was sent home after Jackie's death was lost.

I came across some messages online in a militairy forum from Patricia's son in law, in which he was searching for the Purple Heart to return to Jackie Nesbit's daughter Patricia. He is ex Army, and so am I, we both understood the importance of returning this medal to his child, so I offered to help him.

The original named medal has been found in a private collection, and the owner has agreed to sell it for the amount he has invested in it.

Unfortunately these things are very collectible and command a high price. If it was 20 bucks I would just buy it and send it off to the family, who wouldn't? That's when I got to thinking, what's a few bucks to do the right thing? I know a bunch of people that would help pitch in a few bucks to make this right. I bet they all know a few friends too. 

This year I am asking all of you to pitch in and help return Jackie Nesbit's Purple Heart to his daughter and her family. 

You aren't going to win anything, I'm not going to grow a mustache, but maybe we can get together and make a holiday miracle happen for a little girl that never met her father and see to it that her family has something to remember him with.  

 Jackie Nesbit's remains were recovered from Holland and buried with honors at Arlington National Cemetery. 

If you would like to help us with this project, please use the button on the top right of this page and hit the drop down menu to select an amount to pitch in. If you want to help spread the word , please link to and share this page.

Thanks, and happy holidays.

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Home made vehicle wrecked markers, also great for 40K!

Having played a few games of Bolt Action now, it has always been kind of anticlimatic when one of the vehicles on the battlefield blows up and we have to use black felt to make it look like smoke. So I figured I would throw something together that looks decent:

read more here on our new blog Santa Cruz Warhammer Historical!

Monday, September 9, 2013

A close up look at a World War 2 family heirloom

My father in law gave me a book his dad got when he was fighting in Northern Italy in 1945. It's called Pup Tent Poets Mediterranean and it was published in 1945 by Stars and Stripes. It was the second version, there also was a Northern Africa edition.

read more here: Santa Cruz Warhammer Historical

SC Mike

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Final part of the tank museum series

I posted some final but very interesting images on SCWH Historical Check it out here:

Part Three 

SC Mike

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

The world largest private tank museum Part 2: Germans!

I uploaded part 2 of our visit to the MVTF with a lot of German WW2 vehicles. Check it out here:

Santa Cruz Warhammer Historical

Sunday, August 18, 2013

A visit to the world's largest private tank collection - part 1

The heart of Santa Cruz Warhammer went on an excursion yesterday! Check out part 1 of a photo report here

Santa Cruz Warhammer Historical - tank museum part 1

Check it out on our new blog and start following for more pictures later in the week - German stuff!

SC Mike

Monday, August 5, 2013

Painted M8 Greyhound for Bolt Action

I finished up the Greyhound for my budding Bolt Action American armylist.

For all the details, check out my new blog: santacruzwarhammer historical


SC Mike