Sunday, January 31, 2010

Goin' Rogue Part 1

I want to go back to basics in this post. We started out with Santa Cruz Warhammer highlighting all kinds of cool models that could easily be implemented in our games. Lately I have been going back to the eighties and early nineties for my inspiration. Here are some of the models I really enjoyed painting up. No Masterpieces but just plain fun. I tried to give them a modern day paint scheme. All the guard models I will use in my Bishkek. none of them are converted.

Ork, 1987
luitenant 1991(?)
voxcaster 1994. This model is absolutely splendid. Find it, it's a joy to paint!
These models are totally out there, waiting for a kind hand to paint them back to life. Try the barterbucket next saturday!


Saturday, January 30, 2010

The Santa Cruz Warhammer Barter Bucket!

The Santa Cruz Warhammer Barter Bucket!

The Bucket runs on readers like you to keep it going, gamers helping out other gamers, that's what it's all about. So send those requests in and get those bits flying around the globe! I'm Mik of Mik's Minis, your Bucketeer on this bits trading journey. Let's begin...

It's simple, just send me an email of what you are looking for, or are looking to get rid of to: "miksminis at". Please make sure your request is in list form with plenty of detail, the more detail the better. I will then post the requests each Saturday morning. Please have your emails to me by no later than Thursday of that week so I have enough time to get everything sorted out and ready to go in time for the Saturday post's deadline.

If you see an item below you are interested in, or just have extra bits laying about that could maybe help someone else out, please contact the individual directly via their email address. Sometimes they're just looking for a single piece or two, and you would be surprised what great bits you might find laying about just taking up valuable storage space!

Now, on to this week's bucket!
mike.tess at needs:
  • Catachan heavy flamer model (there are two, both metal)
  • Old plastic stormtroopers with the berets
  • IG Tallarn models (any)
and has:
  • lots of Black Library books
  • box full of Wood Elf bits

eriochrome at is a first-time barter bucketeer, he'slooking for:
  • Epic items: Space Marines, Eldar, Squats, Titans
and has:
  • assorted Space Marine Bits (Plain, Black Templars, Dark Angels, older SW chests and Chaos Marine backpacks)
  • Assault on Black Reach Orcs
  • WHFB Battle for Skull Pass (Whole Set): Most Models Primed Black
  • WHFB Orcs and Goblin Army Book
  • Dwarves Army Book
  • assorted Metal WHFB Minis (year on model) as follows:
  • x2 Witch Elves ('99, '00)
  • x2 Metal Goblin Fanatics ('91)
  • Dwarf Rune Priest ('96)
  • Dwarf Engineer ('05)
  • Troll Slayer Banner ('96)
  • Troll Slayer Musician ('96)
  • Troll Slayer Daemon Slayer ('96)
  • x8 Troll Slayers
  • Dwarf Character: The White Dwarf ('96)

SonsofTaurus at
has the pleasure of seeking:
  • Chaos Space Marine Emperor's Children Lord Backpack
  • Chaos Space Marine Emperor's Children Champion backpack/doom siren
For trade he has:
  • Lots of CSM, Marine, Ork, IG bits/figs, including many OOP ones

miksminis at
  • Space Marine Mk8 torso, front and back (x1)
  • Blood Angels Death Company bare head (x1)
That's all for today, see you next week! Keep those email requests coming!

Remember, change comes from within...your bits box!


Friday, January 29, 2010

Khorne Berzerker Test Model

I have a bunch of these sitting around, and though my Death Guard is a pure Nurgle army, I have a bunch of mixed Chaos Marine stuff, and I thought that I might put some of these together for a possible mixed army.

I used this model to play around with highlights and figure out how I will paint the reds and which washes to use. It is nice to get away from the mottled greens that my Nurgle marines use, as I think it comes across as sloppy looking. I enjoy the crispness of the bright red tones against the gold.


Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Death Guard MkI Land Raider : Finished

My Death Guard Terminators' new party wagon.

You can check out the build in the last post here.

I named it Festus, which is kind of a joke, it's Latin for festive , joyful, or merry. There was also a Saint Festus, one of seven martyred Deacons who where condemned to be killed by wild bears but when thrown to the beasts, the animals fell affectionately at their feet and refused to harm them, after that the Saints were decapitated.

I think it looks good with the OOP MKI Rhinos that I am using for my Death Guard, the mottled green paint seems to tie them together even though I didn't sculpt all the Nurgley stuff on it.

I should have probably took the time to fill the seams on the tracks, but I just didn't, if it bothers me too much I can fix it later.


Monday, January 25, 2010

MkI Land Raider for my Death Guard / Simple Light Box

I have always wanted one of these. Since I have been using the old rhinos for my Death Guard, I thought that I might get one of these for the terminator squad. For some reason I never bought one in the 80s, must have been too expensive.

After seeing Ron's post with his, I decided I had to get one.

I was able to find this through a wanted posting in the FTW Barter Bucket, which is no longer at FTW, but Mike and I liked it so much that we are hoping to adopt it, and host it here with a new and improved style, if we can bring Mik over to run it.

After assembly I dove into the bits box to come up with the needed parts for the weapons and other odds and ends.

I stacked the lascannons like the original old kit.

I used the old rhino cyclops hatch to make a door in the front for assulting. I also used a round base to lift the coupla up a bit.

I am not too sure about the half barrel on top, I might take it off.

I was lucky to have a break in the rain so I was able to get these pics, just before the rain started again. For my last post I made a little " light box " on the kitchen counter, next to the stove.

I used a big piece of white paper, and three clamp on lights. I clamped the lower two to the drawer sides and the upper to the bottom of the cabinet door, it worked quite well, and I will be using this method for late night pics when there is no outside light to use.

Here is Arkady shot in the middle of the night, with the kitchen counter light box.

Now, time to paint the MkI.


Friday, January 22, 2010

Captain Alexie Harazahn and Arkady

This is my "counts as" Mogul Kamir on Cybersteed for my Vostroyans.

You may have seen my last Vostroyan Rough Rider post, and remember the story of brave Captain Alexi and his trusty steed Arkady.

In that story Arkady is mortally wounded in an explosion, but Captain Alexie has pulled some strings and had what was left of Arkady implanted into a mechanical horse so that he may serve his master again.

I decided to use the fantasy Engineer Mechanical Steed with an Empire Pistolier torso, coat and sword arm, and helmeted head. The model's rider has a bionic right leg, which also fits the fluff for Captain Alexie. I added a Chaos Space Marine right arm with an Imperial eagle device that I shaved from an ammo box. I used greenstuff to enlarge the gauntlets and to cover the helmet, and build up the fur hat, while leaving the skull and scales visible. I also shaved a skull off a Chaos Marine bit to add to the left gauntlet. I then added a lance, canteen, grenades, and a Space Marine bolt pistol in the holster.

After some primer and a quick paintjob, our hero is ready to lead the Vostroyan Royal Lancers into battle.

here you can see the finished arm with eagle on shoulder, wider gauntlet and the head with some of the original helmet details saved.

and the other widened gauntlet with added skull. I really like the way the coat came out.


Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Leman Russ Kartvelian Variant Part 5: it's ready for battle!

I finished the Leman Russ Kartvelian Variant. Over the last month I kept you posted on all the thoughts behind this new design, so let's move right on over to the pictures:
This is what I started with:
and this is what it looks like now.
After the camo pattern was applied, I gloss coated the tank and used oil paints to weather it. When that was done, I matt coated it and did a light bleached bone drybrush over the bottom half of the tank. I didn't want to make it too rusty this time around. I did highlight every rivet, making a compromise between the forgeworld method of realism and the White Dwarf method of nice looking.
I like this tank commander a lot. He has a realistic pose and demeanor to him.
Here's the gunner's cupola
here's a shot of the back
and, although this shot is blurry, you can see it's worth it spending some time on details like stowage.
the front
Hope you enjoyed this series. If you want to check out how it was built, here are the other parts


Sunday, January 17, 2010

We have a Logo Contest Winner!

The Bishkek 2nd Logo Contest is over! The readers overwhelmingly voted for Levente (#1)and his design:
Congrats on your win, well done indeed! Email me with your shipping specs at AND don't forget to tell me: Leman Russ or Chimera. You will also get 5 resin 25 mm bases. We at Santa Cruz Warhammer want to share the wealth, it feels good to move some of our stuff to you, well done on the design!

I do want to mention Elrad (#2) who was the youngest contestant at 10 years; mark this moment ladies and gents, Eldrad and his cronies are the future of the hobby.

And thanks to Johnathan Hunter (#3), an excellent job as well.

One last thing. I received this design after the contest had already started. Sorry you couldn't compete, but here is the logo anyway for others to see. Well done Mr. Esty!
Cheers to all of you!


Saturday, January 16, 2010

Give your Vote in the Bishkek 2nd Logo Contest!

OK, we got three entries in the Bishkek 2nd Logo Contest. Remember, this regiment excels in desert warfare and is currently active on Kartvelian, securing the Imperial progress on that planet. Here are the three contestants. The winner will take home 5 resin 25 mm bases AND a Leman Russ or Chimera (primered black). We need YOUR vote.


There is a poll on the right side. Tomorrow evening I will stop taking votes and announce the winner!
Have at it!