Sunday, April 22, 2012

The Plague Gentleman

 This is a model I have had on my wish list since I first saw it, Puppets War's Fat Plague Gentleman.  This is the first model from Puppets War that I have ever painted.  I have to say that I am really impressed with the quality of the model.  There were very few mold lines and no noticeable air bubbles; plus all the pieces fit together without gaps.  This model is pretty big too.  That is a 60mm base that he is covering up.

I chose to paint him with a human skin tone because I find a realistic color to be more upsetting than greens or other unnatural colors.  I did a lot of the painting with different colored washes, red in the sores, green on the rotting skin, and purple in the recesses.
In this side view you can see that I added a lizard creature to the base.  This model is very reminiscent of a certain Star Wars villain who always has a pet at his "feet", so I wanted to include one on my model as well.
This model has a lot of things that I really like including the humorous and disgusting qualities.  It was a real pleasure to paint, and now he will make an appearance in my Chaos Space Marine army as a Daemon Prince or a Greater Daemon.  I hope you enjoy the model.


Saturday, April 7, 2012

Santa Cruz Warhammer is going to change

I have finally decided to slim down Santa Cruz Warhammer to a once in a while post-type blog that fits more with my life right now. NO, I am not going to SHUT down the blog. The archive is so expansive and full of wonderful projects, I want to keep that up for modelers trying to find inspiration when it is needed.

But the series are stopped as of now. The Barter Bucket is going back to Miks Minis, where it originated, and the Santa Cruz Honor Roll, so beautifully done last year by MWC will be stopped. I don't feel good asking other writers to fill up my blog and the Honor Roll hopefully will go someplace else, maybe MWC will take it on on their blog. If someone wants to keep going with it under a different name, feel free to email me and I will help promote it.

I have been extremely busy with modeling and have done a lot of work on Space Wolves, Empire and Ogres. I just don't feel the need to share it right now. it's me, not you. I love the hobby and am very excited about the empire, and hopfully I will be able to do a massive post once in a while. My fellow writers, SC John, Michael, and Glenn, are free to post whenever they want.

Anyway, I want to thank all the amazing readers that I have conversed with and all the 900 plus followers for their dedication and support. After 4.5 years of doing stuff every other day, it's time to slow down a bit.

thanks again! If you want to stay in contact, go here and join are really loose, happy facebook group. If you are not on facebook, give it a try and find the santa cruz warhamme group.

SC Mike

Barter Bucket: Leaving These SCWH Shores

It was nine hundred days ago to the day that the Barter Bucket began. That's kind of hard to fathom really, but to say it's got staying power is an understatement. It started humbly at my own blog, Mik's Minis, but quickly moved to enjoy a new venue at From the Warp. As things changed over there the Bucket moved on. But like that lovable freeloader you just can't get rid of, it found a new couch to crash on, here at Santa Cruz Warhammer. Which has been fantastic.

I can't say enough good things about the men behind the curtain here, they are working magic on a regular basis. To have been but a small cog in the machine has been truly an honor. Eventually the Bucket eats all your homemade hummus, drinks all your beer, and charisma alone won't keep them on the couch however.

I'm just being witty, I'm not really being kicked out per se, but it's time the bucket came home nonetheless. Having wandered for nine hundred days across our gaming sphere it will resume it's parts-swapping role back where it began, Mik's Minis.

The Bucket Strikes Back