Thursday, October 30, 2008

Iron Snakes: Modified Landspeeder

One more post about my Iron Snakes. As I have mentioned before, I am not really interested in building an entire army of Iron Snakes, but for now I have enough inspiration for a squad of 10, a dreadnought, a rhino and a landspeeder. The landspeeder is a typical vehicle for the Iron Snakes who like to use small groups to infiltrate fast and extract in the same speedy way.
I knew I wanted to do something more then just slapping it together and after some thought I decided to rebuild the gunner, having him pointing to some enemy on the ground.
First I cut out the legs from the seat of the speeder.

I did use the boot from that part, and added it to an old model.
Then I modeled him kneeling with one leg on the seat, the other leg on the ground and leaning forward, outwards, so he can look out.

Then I modeled the guys' left arm and have him hold on to the bar. I think that came out pretty good.

I didn't want to paint the speeder silver, I get tired of painting the same thing all the time. I thought about all kinds of colors, but I have always been pretty comfortable with red, so red it was. First I used a red foundation paint, then I washed it with badab black. Then I hard lined every single line on that model twice, with varying lightness of blood red.

The base was fairly simple, with some resin pieces from the GW basing set.
All in all I am pretty happy with it. Maybe if I do another one, I will do it in silver or black.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Iron Snakes: Apothecary Brother Khiron

Back to the Iron Snakes then. I am still busy building 1 squad of 10 space marines plus a landspeeder and a Dreadnought, all based on Dan Abnett's book Brothers of the Snake. Abnett himself wrote recently on his blog about the squad make-up, (yep, that's a link) he mentioned that every squad of 10 has an Apothecary. So I figured I wanted to spend a little more time on him. Here are the details and my thoughts.

In the book Abnett goes into great detail in the story about how Khiron came to be the Apothecary and he becomes important in the story. So I wanted his body to stand out amongst the squad, but not as big as Brother Priad, the leader. So I cut his right leg and turned it slightly, giving me the opportunity to give him a broader front.
To give his base some substance I added the body. The idea is that after Khiron extracted the gene seed he left his fallen brother with a prayercloth, which gave me a perfect way of finishing off the body, right at the end of the base. It is still playable in this way.

I made sure to give the victim plenty of battle damage.
Strange as it may sound, but modeling a dead SpaceMarine made me feel kind of bad....

In the final position I wanted Khiron to be imposing and powerful, so I cut his arm and hand to move the sword closer to his body, the whole model became one, strong and pissed off.

Does anyone know what color geneseed is supposed to be? Where can we find the ultimate details?

Here's the prayer cloth..

and the base with his name...

Anyway, read that book, it's really inspiring. Next project is the landspeeder, a favorite with the Iron Snakes.
Here's a link to all the other Iron Snakes work that I have done: here

Monday, October 13, 2008

Eldar Jetbike contest, Allright, I'll play too.

After seeing Mike's Eldar, I figured I would do one too.

I'm sick with the flu, the post office was closed, but the game store was open.

I have had a thing for hoody wood elves, so I will go that way.

Here is a sneak peek.

not much time left, but I work better with a deadline. here he is with an arm, I took a sword arm, cut off the sword and added a pointing finger, he is a scouty leader type with a " over there " pose

Still not finished, but here is some paint and frog camo.

well here it is, I can't say that its the best thing I have done, and I was going to give up, but I am glad I saw it through, so here we go.

My finished Eldar Waywatcher / Ranger Autarch on his camo jetbike.

Vote for me or Mike, or your favorite at the contest website


Sunday, October 12, 2008

My entry for the Eldar Contest is finished and sent off

OK, here he is, the autarch on his jetbike. This will be my entry for the Eldar contest that happening this week right here
The details on this model:
The lance and banner, the shield and the head plumage all came from the high elf dragon sprue. The base came from an orc and goblins model and the cape I green stuffed. I painted the model using the stippling technique that I found in an ancient White Dwarf. The logo on his helmet sort of resembles the half moon that my kind of Eldar are scared of, I also added it to the banner. (mind you, I had never put an eldar together before this)

I spent some time on the banner, giving it a galaxy-kind of look which was fun to work on.

I do think this guy looks a little flashy, but without the drama there wouldn't be any Warhammer. I am convinced the galaxy is filled with amazingly talented heroes that can kill the enemy while sporting there sacred banner.

This contest is great fun and being quite competitive, I was on it like a bloodhound but now it's done, I am kind of relieved. In the end the process is always more fun than the end result...

Next post it is back to the Iron Snakes..

Sunday, October 5, 2008

My entry for the Eldar Way of Saim Hann Contest

Yes, I have also set aside all my projects to put together an Eldar Autarch on a Jet bike for the Way of Saim Hann Contest. I finished the actual bike, painted and all and put together the Autarch himself most of the way. But what shocked me is that Ron at From the Warp is going to use the same lance, man, we must have had the same vision at the same time. Anyway, you can only go so many ways with this thing. Before this contest I had never painted an Eldar and my buddy Christian donated the bike.
Here is the autarch with his High Elf Lance, primered but I might still add some things. He is a combo of High Elf (from the dragon sprues) and normal eldar plastic.

Here's the bike. I wanted to keep the bike as intact as possible. It is a real challenge to do something nice with it, very smooth design and not many seams and bolts. I really worked hard on the blue stippling. The shield is also from the High Elf Dragon Sprue.

The base is the one that comes with Skarsnik and Gobbla from the Orcs and Goblins (my favorite model of all time), i just added some rocks and sand.

Everyone who hasn't started, get involved. This is great fun!