Saturday, September 23, 2017


It seems we've all been quite busy lately. SC Mike has been painting and converting up an incredible Nurgle warband. He's already challenged me to a match soon too! I can't wait!
Here's some of his stuff:
The latest corrupted brother
The warband grows!
 More Poxwalkers

I've been working on my Primaris forces, albeit slowly.
I've got a squad of Hellblasters and a squad of Intercessors assembled, primed and ready to paint. Here's a pic:

Primaris Intercessors ready for paint
Our friend Pezman is preparing to run a Blood bowl 7's league in a couple of weeks so I've also been getting my team assembled and modifying my pitch - more on that later.

SC John has also been corrupted by Nurgle and is working on his new Nurgle army as well. Here's a peek of what he's been up to:

Poxwalkers & friends

Plague Marines & more!

Saturday, September 9, 2017

I hope you've been getting in tons of gaming, modelling and painting!

With all the excitement over the new Warhammer 40K, I thought I'd share a little of what I've been up to...
Besides painting Primaris Reivers and playing in the Konor Campaign at our local FLGS, I've also been busy updating my website that I created for my Space Marine Chapter - The Archangels.
I've had a website dedicated to them in all of their incarnations since about 2001. You can check it out here if you're interested!
The story for my space marine chapter has been completely overhauled for the new 8th edition of the game and introduces Primaris Marines into my chapter. I've also been going back to Bolter and Chainsword and updating all of my chapter info on my old entries there as well.

This new version of 40K makes the game very enjoyable and much quicker to play. It has reinvigorated many who have been burnt out on playing to come back and check it out.
SC John and SC Mike have even been working on new projects as well. Here's something SC Mike is working on at the moment - Amazing Mike! Keep up the great work!!!
I know this page doesn't get updated much, but we've all been quite active on SC Warhammer and The Barter Bucket over on Facebook. Please check out our pages there!

If you love writing online fluff for your wargaming hobbies, please feel free to share the links!

~SC Glenn