Friday, September 28, 2012

SCWH Traitor Guard part 5: 4 more Kitbashed troops

I built 4 more kitbashed troops out of all my old bitz. At this point I am running out pretty much everything and I am stuck to cutting up arms and legs to make them fit. It's fun, sometimes I get a bit desparate, but so far all of my models look really different. Here's the new group:
The guy on the left: I sculpted his entire right arm up to his glove. The legs are from some obscure model, John gave me a few sprues of those models. The head is from Maxmini.
2nd to left: torso and legs from the same obscure model range, head from Valkyrie pilot set.
3rd from left: empire arms, guard torso and max mini head.
on the right: max mini gun, bretonnian archer head, catachan legs.

The guys on the right have old storm trooper back packs, the ones on the left have back packs from Secret Weapon. I am going to do a quick post next week on backpacks. it's fun!

EDIT: one of readers found out what the obscure mini range was that I have some sprues of: i found a review of those models here . Thanks to Da Masta Cheef

SC Mike

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

SCWH Traitor Guard Part 4: Heavy Weapon Squad 1

I knew from the start of this project that I wanted my Heavy Weapon Squad to be counts-as, and looking more like Artillery (which the Guard inexplicably lacks) in WW1. So before looking at the model, remember this: you are really looking at two guys with a heavy bolter or lasgun or mortar. But I love the idea of an interesting mini diorama and had fun making it. In a game I will just mention what actual weapon is in play.

Here's the unpainted and painted version

The gun body is from the 40K Ork Lobba, the barrel is a home made piece of tubing. The wheels come from the large Skaven Bell Kit.

I created the sandbags using the tutorial in the Forgeworld Modeling book vol 1. It's really easy and fun. I have done a tutorial on it years ago right here.
The rest of it was balsawood and beach sand and a bit of playing around with positioning.

Here's a shot from the back. The back wheel is a Chaos bit from the olden days, but I don't know where it's from. I have three more and got them in a trade ages ago. Finally found a use for it. I added the pin and attachment to secure it in the swamp.

The other side

I gave this guy an Ipad, just for fun. 

Little details help

The front 'fender' is a bit of plastic card with rivets and an old chaos star.
And here is the unit with four new friends that I will introduce next time!

PS: I am looking for TWO more Ork Lobbas (just need that gun body piece) If anyone has one that they want to trade or sell, let me know!

SC Mike

Friday, September 21, 2012

SCWH Traitor Guard: the best 28mm sculpt in years!

OK, this will be a complete sales pitch. But sometimes stuff is so blatantly obvious (to me at least), I have to use my platform to help creative and talented people. And i was not asked to do this..

When we ran the Heroes of Armageddon drive last year ago, Chris Borer provided the Master of Ordinance for the Steel Legion Army. He sculpted it from scratch AND did such a good paintjob on it, that he won the GOLDEN DEMON on Games Day 2011. Amazing.

Chris was smart enough to cast a mold of the original and in his modest online shop sells metal version of it, the resin model is unavailable at this time. I had bought the resin model a while back, but until now had not done anything with it. But I decided to make this guy my Master of Ordinance for my new Traitor Guard. When I started painting it, it struck me: this model is an absolute stunner. The detail is astounding, the lines beautiful and there are nice open spaces to really work the brush. It was such a joy to paint it. Here's my version of it:

Obviously Chris Borer is a GD winner, his version is top of the line and gives you a better picture of the incredible detail of the sculpt.

I really want to bang the drum on this: go to his store and buy a model at Full Borer Miniatures. For 10 bucks you can get a top of the line model and my humble opinion is: it's the best model in the "GW" range in years and stands right up there with Brian Nelson's Nurgle Lord.

Even if you don't play, this model is just a joy to work on and put in your display case. And that way you also support a very talented artist who we can hopefully push to sculpt another Guard like model!

SC Mike

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

SCWH Traitor Guard Part 3: some troops and details

Here's a quick update on some troops in my new traitor guard. I just want to show how much fun it can be to grab bitz from everywhere and throw something together that actually looks the part. Here's the group with the flamer, which I have already shown in a previous post.

I like gasmask heads a lot, but I don't want to overdo it, since you miss the expression  a model has, which in turn leads to a kind of bland look. So finding heads was crucial. Here's the list from left to right:
gasmask head: maxmini, bald head: empire, bandaged head: brettonnian, rebreather: pig iron, gasmask: pig iron, helmet: valkyrie pilot

Next up the weapons and arms: really tough to find weapon/arm combinations that don't involve guard shoulderpads. So I ended up using mostly Empire arms and catachan. Guns come from anywhere, but the M4's are from Max Mini.

Here's a detailed look at the flamer:
As you can see, using Dragon Forge pewter cable (just ordered another set-must have!) and plastic tubing, you can make something look pretty cool.  My goal was to make it look dirty and cheap, but deadly. By putting a helmet on the model, it looks as though the flamer works really well and he needs facial protection from the heat.

On the bases: I am going with a swamp theme. 
Making it is easy. Put some PVA glue on the base, but not everywhere. Imagine a little stream or puddle. After it's dry, drybrush the sand ( i use beach sand), and paint the stream in you color of choice. I wash the whole base with Sepia. After drying I add glossy to the wet parts. After attaching the grass, I wash that as well and give it a slight drybrush with a lighter color.

Hope you enjoyed!

SC Mike

Sunday, September 16, 2012

SCWH Traitor Guard: part 2: Counts as Ogryns...

I have been really creatively inspired by my decision to build a Traitor Guard army and I particularly enjoyed building up 3 Ogryns. Over the course of two weeks I built three models, loosely based on some AD Mech models I saw in an old White Dwarf. Sculpting the green stuff is easy and ANYONE can do this.

Here's the family pic:

Here's a before and after of the first one I did. The guns are the front ends of drywall plugs, the backpack is from a Ork Kromlech set, the cables are from Dragon Forge and of course you need plenty of plastic tubing.
The green stuff is uncomplicated. I am trying to show the flesh grows around weapons, so it can look a bit wiry. I put the stuff on and pull it with a sharp tool in the direction wanted. Make it look stringy, it will look better in painting.
The canvas sack over his head: I pressed canvas texture in after it had cured for 20 minutes or so. The goggles were made with two little balls of green stuff and the open end of a pen. Easy!

One other thing: if you have wires coming out of flesh, create some flesh stress with greenstuff around it, by pulling little strings around the socket. Come painting time, you can make that look distressed and swollen. I painted all those parts in a mixture of pinks, red washes and black shading with a glossy finish at some parts.

You can see I also had to resculpt the belly, since Ogryns come with that open belly. This one I worked on a belt with beltloops, on the other ones I went more simple.

Here's the second one:

The barrel is from the Valkyrie set, the Gun is an Ork Gun from Kromlech.
 I spent quite a bit of time on the wiring from and to the barrel. This model looks most like the original sculpt.

The band around the barrel and wrapped around his waist is actually just a glued on elastic band.

Here's the 3rd one:

Here i resolved the belly by adding a piece of parchment with a chaos symbol. The gun and hammer are old metal Chaos bitz.

I hope these inspire someone to to go a step beyond conversion and just have fun with it. It doesn't have to look Golden Demon like to make an impression. On the battle field these models will look plenty Traitor Guard!

SC Mike

Thursday, September 13, 2012

My buddy Christian's Chaos Cultists!

My buddy Christian got me into the hobby eons ago and we still update each other's hobby progress on a regular basis. He has every good army possible (yes, I mean complete armies, going on 7 or so), but he finally decided he was ready to go evil. While I went the traitor guard route, he went for the new Chaos army and he set about kitbashing Chaos Cultists, raiding his bitz box. I am showing off a few of the 10 or so he built so far, and he painted up a few terminators as well. Enjoy!


"My Chaos army is called The Lost and Forgotten and is led by Balpheleon, who stared into the Warp a bit too long and got excommunicated by the Inquisition. My chaos cultists are the disenfranchised, the rabble, scum, the deserters and the Broken Hearted."

 Balpheleon (left)with his customized lightningclaw/stormbolter. Not legit, but it looks awesome.

Below one of the boys. Head by Maxmini, legs are from the flagellant kit

 more flagellant bitz, plus a kitbashed gasmask, using Dragon Fore pewter wire.
 Love the fantasy pistol

good stuff! Hope you enjoyed!
SC Mike

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

SCWH Traitor Guard! Part 1: the start of someting BIG!

Wow. I have worked my way towards this project for two years now, weaving in and out of Fantasy with Ogres and Vampire Counts and some 40K with Spacewolves and Tau. But now I have committed myself for a while: I will be building up a good size Traitor Guard Army.
I had to wait for the Chaos rules to come out to really decide I didn't want to build hundreds of cultists with autoguns. I prefer the immense variety of weaponery of the Guard and making it into traitors will give me tons and tons of modeling freedom. It's very inspiring stuff. I have been dreaming about building a traitor guard for years now and am looking forward to all the modeling joy it will bring me.

So I am going with the guard codex and if I were to add some Chaos marines as Allies, they would follow the Space Marine codex.
I have been working at the project for a while aleady and if you are a reader of SCWH on Facebook, you will already have seen some stuff.

The theme is a highly trained, but struggling Traitor Guard army, bogged down in a swamp area. I envision the terrain in one of the first Gaunts Ghosts stories, where we get introduced to all the different characters. It's a sad and nasty underground and the boys are struggling.
They are all good soldiers, but they have some crazies with them and all of their skintones are a bit pallid. Here's a family shot of the models I have done so far:

My idea behind the posts is to show how you can make a nice looking Traitor Guard army on the cheap, with lots of creativity and fun. This is the perfect army to raid your bitz box and I will show you some examples in the series.
I am not a pro painter and there are millions of people who can do way better. That is not the point. I just want to share the joy that I have, starting a big project and looking everywhere for great bitz and models and putting something together that fits what I envisioned. Here's an example of a flamer guy I threw together and how it ended up after painting.
The head is from the Valkyrie pilot sprue, the arms and body from older Brettonian sprues and the legs from a Catachan model. The barrel is a pretty standard bit and some Dragon Forge cable really helps tie the whole thing together.

I hope you will have a read once in a while and let me know what you think!

And I haven't thought of the name yet either, which I like to do. They might become opponents of the Bishkek 2nd.

SC Mike