Monday, March 23, 2009

Kids and Warhammer 40K Part 2

A little while back I started playing 40K with my 9-year old daughter, which you can read about here. Anyway, thought to give you another small update on that process. This Sunday we played a small game, I just threw some stuff on the table. She played the Iron Snakes and I played Orks. It was great fun. We had objectives (capture the jewels) and we were able to incorporate little sister (5). She rolled all my dice AND took all these photos. What a sneaky way to infiltrate hobby time into family time. Mama had a good time doing her own thing, so everyone was happy!
As I said before, I don't think 40K is really a kids game, so I am being really careful about what it is all about and try to keep nice and light. No need to scare them quite yet about their own future..The Orks do lend themselves for some lively re enactment which is always good for a laugh.
One thing was funny. 10 Orks assualted 5 spacemarines. Orks get 40 attacks, my 5 year old rolls a killer roll with like 20 4plus or so. Next roll needed 4 plus again, she rolls 4 good ones. My nine year old takes 4 3 plus saves and makes all of them. I mean, come on!

Terrain: blocks and some terrain that was close at hand.

In the end the Orks got slaughtered (see blownup trukk and looted wagon) and the Iron Snakes captured the needed 3 jewels in the middle.

Oh, by the way, when I was cleaning up the toys the other day I came across some of my terrain that was used a few weeks ago in Playmoland, now the girls moved all the Cars in...good stuff.

Play Warhammer with your kids! But make sure to scale down expectations. Just have some good family time...

Saturday, March 21, 2009


I want to apologize for the last month, having been unable to post anything decent and being caught up in all kinds of things, not least trying to buy a place to raise the kids. Anyway, there is that Stegadon contest that Dave Taylor and Jeff Hall asked us to be part of and my project has spiraled totally out of control and I have had no time to do anything else. I can't show anything quite yet because this thing will run on the Adepts Forge soon enough, suffice to say that I flipped everything on the Stegadon around trying to make it look completely different with in the end making it look like the one on the box! So much for conversions...
Johns conversion looks really great by the way.
Anyway, more soon!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Some Good Bargains I have been Finding .

So, here are some inexpensive items that I have been finding and using with my Warhammer hobby.

The first item was free, this is the bottom half of a take home box from the Cheesecake Factory, the closest one to me is in the same mall as the closest Games Workshop store.

I love eating at this place even though the food is kind of expensive, and there is almost always a long wait, the mashed potatoes are awesome and even though I never eat desert, and I am allways stuffed, I have to get a slice of the cheese cake, they put it in this plastic box thing.

When I was staring at the cheese cake in this box, eating it and sadly watching it dissapear, I noticed an interesting pattern molded into the plastic. One side looks like dots but the other side looks like a mesh or grate. I thought it could be used well on a space marine base as decking or on a building or vehicle as venting. Now I have another excuse to go there.

Next up and also free is this lid from a Simply Apple juice bottle, I have drank lots of apple juice, and this stuff is the best, it is brown and looks kind of weird, but it tastes awesome. It is in the refrigerated isle with the OJ, but be careful because they put this right next to some organic stuff that looks almost the same and is usually a little cheaper, but its sour and tastes like crap, and don't get the Simply orange juice, it is also crap. Here is the lid.

Its just the right size for a 60mm base to sit on for a dreadnought or monstrous creature, I think I will use it for a display base, could also be used as a part of a building.

Next up is Bondo brand Spot putty, this stuff is from the auto parts store, and about 2.50 or 3 bucks. and this little tube will last forever.

I use this stuff for gooping up bases and blending in stuff and hiding slots in slotta bases, also is great for filling seams in plastic model kits you can use the liquid plastic glue with the brush and just dip it into this stuff and brush it into the seams, as the glue softens the filler.

I found this next deal at the local dollar store, its a mini tripod for a camera.

Keeps my little pocket digital camera steady for my blog pics, legs extend and it swivels down for overhead shots. It was $1.

I found this plastic silo at the flea market .

It was in a box full of toy farm stuff, $1.

Last was a deal I got on Ebay, I have allways liked skeletons since I was a kid and saw a Sinbad movie, and have threatened to build some up for a fantasy army, So I bought a Vampire Counts army book and found 40 skeletons ( two of the older boxes of 20 ) on Ebay for $26. plus $10 shipping which is only 90 cents per figure, which is great, also you get a bunch of left over skulls and stuff.

I decided to use washes on these guys, for a simple paint job, assembled and based, and white primer (which is a first for me)

then a wash of Gryphonne Sepia, I think I will do a brown base on the wood before I wash it in the future.

It looks really nice after it is dry, I am going to enjoy these little guys.


Monday, March 9, 2009

Nurgle Rhino MkIb

I was trying out a new type of putty, and mixed a bit too much, I was looking around for something to use it on, and found this old rhino.

I have been painting up a small Nurgle Marine unit, so I figured this old rhino would look good with some Nurglising.


Sunday, March 8, 2009

Playing Warhammer with your kids..revisited!

A while ago I started introducing Warhammer Fantasy to my 9 year old daughter. (click here for all the posts about that subject) She loved it: the Dwarves, the Elves, all the dice rolling and the little scenarios that we found in the little gem called Warhammer Skirmish. But my own interest is in 40K right now, building the Iron Snakes and the Orks and having fun with it. So despite some reservations from the wife, I wanted to play a game of 40K with my daughter using the silly Orks and the serious Iron Snakes. She played with the Snakes and I played Orks. We came up with a Warhammer skirmish type mission which was: capture the statue of Gandalf (yep him!) and run off with it to your own table edge! She won and we had a great time. Here are some photos, taken by my 5 year old daughter, who also helped me roll my saving throws.

Recognize Brother Autolochus?
..or this landspeeder? How about the From the Warp Dice? Gandalf is standing right in the middle on that building.
The Iron Snakes hold strong again the mob

Now my biggest worry was of course the inherent violence in the lore of this game, something that I don't feel is appropriate for my kids. But funnily enough, all that went straight over her head, it didn't go that deep; it was all about rolling dice, using the rulers for measurement and trying to beat Papa.

A few days ago I was looking for something in their play area when I stopped and was struck by the inventive use of my Warhammer terrain. I had to take some pictures of it. They simply love using my terrain for their own fantasy play...

The sunflowers grow happily on this hill in front of the warhammer tower, featured in this old post...

Here's the old grimy, blown out bunker given new life..

and my hills, used in this post about casting your own terrain..

Play Warhammer with your kids and let them play with your collection!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Turning a Catachan into a Cadian

Oops, I thought myself very lucky when I picked up a blister with 3 snipers in it for only 8 bucks. But when I got home and opened it, inside were 3 catachan snipers, you know these ones:

Maybe it is my whining but when I inspected these models, they didn't nearly look as good as these amazing GW models above here. I wonder if the mold slowly deteriorates over time to make models with less detail.
Anyway, I am slowly building some IG and am working on a sniper squad and I really wanted to use one of these men. I didn't want to show any of the muscles but I am very unfamiliar with green stuff sculpting, so please view this as a first tryout.

First of all I filed off all the leaves of his camo cape. Then I green stuffed a sleeve over his left arm, getting rid of all the muscles.

I also filled the hole between the gunsight and his face, I liked him to be more active that way.

Lastly I modeled a kneepad to keep it slightly in line with the normal cadian sniper models.

After that I used the camo technique that I described in a previous post and based him on a miniaturearts base.

I am afraid this post might not be very inspiring, but I love sniper models and I had a lot of fun making this one. I guess what I want to say is: just build models that you like and to hell with everyting else!
The next model in the squad will be the sniper that I found in a box set with Schaeffers Last Chancers that I bought ages ago. I haven't done anything with these guys yet but will soon paint the 2nd from the top left.


Sunday, March 1, 2009

Squig Therapy

I have a habit.

I just started another army.

I don't mean I have a 40k army and I am starting a Fantasy army.

I mean I sometimes open a box a find an army that I forgot I had, and I still went ahead and decided that I would give Space Orks a go, and I have not yet got rid of any of the armies that I told my friends I was going to sell.

Heres the start of my own Ork Waaagh from two used lots that I got a great deal on online.

I don't drink or smoke. No drugs, no Coffee. No nasty internet porn habit and I have no debt.

It is Saturday night, I have a girlfriend and no kids and I am painting Squigs, and blogging about it.

I have more than 40 Codex / army books, some are doubles and many are for armies that I do not play.

I have Fantasy armies;

Orc and Goblin
Wood Elf
Chaos Warriors
Chaos Daemons

I have 40K armies;

Chaos Space Marine
and a GIANT Dark Angels army with a big Ravenwing detachment.

I decided to model the entire Deathwing so I went about finding 100 terminator models, now I have way more than the 100 I needed, which is more than the real chapter has.

A few of the armies I own, I have no interest in playing.

My Wood Elf and Ogre Kingdoms army boxes are still unopened, but I would like to play them.

I bought the Ogre army set to use as Chaos Ogres, because I think the older Chaos Orges look kind of silly, but I liked the models so much, I decided I would just have a small Ogre army too.

So when is enough too much?

I have accepted that I will most likely not paint all my miniatures in my lifetime.

But Mike, I promise I will paint my Forge World Giant.

I remember when I first met Mike I talked with him about a socialist approach at Warhammer, having a bunch of cool armies and a great game table so that I could have armys to loan friends that wanted to play a game, I think I am somehow working with that fantasy in the back of my head somewhere.

I catch myself daydreaming about opening a gaming club, so I can paint figures and play games all day instead of having a real job.
perhaps if I build it they will come.

While listing my armies for this blog, I realised that I do not have a army with skeletons, and I have always wanted to have a skeleton army, I think I will start a Vampire Counts Army but use Tomb Kings horses as Blood nights or something.

Am I broken?

Well, here are the Squigs, painting them makes me happy so they must be alright.

I will paint the Gobbo riders soon, I used a dark red base , highlighted with orange and then yellow, with a heavy red wash thin yellow highlights again and then red wash again. Teeth and claws are bone white with a Ogryn flesh wash and then highlighted with bone white again. Eyes are scorpion green.

I have promised myself to keep up with basing and these were based with sand mix with tiny pebbles, primered black, painted dark brown ,highlighted med brown, highlighted bone white, and afew white details on some of the stones, then random clumps of bright green static grass.

Since I am talking about bases, I did this one at the same time for my Lizardman Lord Kroak.

It is about the same but with a bit of yellows and greens in the sand highlights, and about 4 different types of grass and more large rocks from the basing kit highlighted up to a white.

Well that's my wild and crazy Saturday night, if you suffer like I do, please let me know that I am not alone.

Is there a 12 step program for Warhammer?


P.S. its not all my fault,
I try to moderate, but some of the local game shops have it in for me,
things like 30% off of an Ogre army box set ( a whole army for $20 more than a 4 man box set) and with the saver card I get a punch for every $10 I spend , with enough punches I get 15% off everything I buy.

Or how about I go to check out the new lizardman stuff and they have an old Lord Kroak from years ago that is still on the shelf priced at $30, because it was priced back when they first came out a million years ago, I go to ring it up and its a further 30% off because its been sitting there for ever, the same exact model is in the new book.

I have been thinking about the new Eternity Warden, but its Direct order only, but guess what? This shop orders a few direct and has them in stock.

I even got the new stegadon plastic kit for $19.99 because they used it as the display to show what the sprues looked like and it didn't have the box top. will see more of him later.