Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Another Pilgrimage to the L.A. Battle Bunker!

Last week I took a trip with the family to Disneyland, a mere 6 hours drive south of Santa Cruz in Los Angeles. The Emperor certainly protects, since the LA Battle Bunker was located about 5 miles from Disneyland. Figure that in a city of 10 million people...
Anyway I made the deal with the wife that on the way back I could spend an hour browsing which is what I did.
The GW guys there were great thereand after I told them I would report on their store on Santa Cruz Warhammer I could take any pictures I want and they were extremely helpful in general.
Here are some of the things I saw:

The huge battle room with all the tables filled with amazing terrain for Fantasy, 40K and LotR.

Some cool terrain with great elevation

They are always working on a new project over there...

and then over to the display cases. First off the now famous Warlord Titan, scratchbuilt and featured on BOLS.

This is the most amazing kitbashed or scratchbuilt model I have ever seen and this thing is HUGE. Look at the top of the Warhound at the bottom of the picture...here are some details:


Sorry for the reflections in the glass.
Here are the two armies of the guys who work there, really nice models:


I noticed this darkly painted Vostroyan Army, has a great color scheme, very inspring indeed:

A great Sisters of Battle retinue:

A wonderfully painted Space Marine Army

and of course some mechanized power..

Here's a great variant on the Skullhamma

Here are the two little babies of the Warlord Titan, number 1:

and number 2 (great looking base)

Part of the excitement of going to the bunker is their drawers full of Forgeworld stuff...

If I were to live in LA, the hobby would be so much more expensive. I picked up a bunch of things, some for myself, some for my buddy Christian but the bill topped $250.00 in no time.
Here were some of the goodies:
An gun platform, always handy and really cool looking

Some gravshutes (on the left) for the drop troops jumping out of the Valkerie

Some Ravenor books I was looking for for a while and the box on the right has two tanks in it:
the FW Hellhound and the FW Manticore, all to support the empire...
Thanks to the wonderful staff at the Bunker in LA for a great vibe and great service, I can advise everyone to check out this great place.

PS, if anyone at the bunker knows whose armies we have featured, let me know the names and I will add them. Send a message to mike.tess@charter.net. Cheers!

Monday, April 27, 2009

Woodelf Army for Sale

Check out the new page Sell or Swap on the right. On it is my first, pretty poorly painted Wood Elf Army. I want to sell it to fund some Imperial Guard. Anyone wants to have a look and make me an offer, just send me a line: scwarhammer@yahoo.com
Anyone else that wants to sell or swap stuff can use the Sell or Swap site. Email me for a temporary authorship so you can post your wares or requests. let's see if we can make this work. I am looking for Imperial Guard or old Ork Gorkamorka Stuff, other people may be looking for the things you have been hording for years and now want to move out.


Saturday, April 25, 2009

The other entry for the Stegadon Conversion Contest

We had two entries in Dave Taylor and Jeff Hall's Stegadon Conversion Contest. Click here for the end result. Thanks Dave and Jeff for hosting it AND ...John won (Congrats! The best entry for sure) But I had so much fun making mine, I want to share it with all of you as well.
Here is the end result, the baby squiggoth with bionik legs and mobile pulsa rokkit launching pad.

Right, so I started out flipping the beast around, thereby being able to raise the head.
In the back I added the other head from the kit and shaved off the details. Then a lot of green stuff to make it all solid and the addition of the bionik legs.

The howda was built around the original lizardmen one.

I used a ton of pieces from the old cardboard building fire base set from back in the day, that came with some plastic pieces, very good conversion stuff.
For the launching ramp I used of mixture of sprue and a piece from Lego Bionicles, which gave me the ability to make it swivel, which makes for a more lively enactment during battle.

Here are all the pieces before painting.

Although in Apocalypse the Pulsa Rokkit is an immobile weapon, it made sense to me that the Orks would try something crazy like put it on a Squiggoth, strengthen it in the Mek shop and try it out. I tried to tell a story on the model using two grots, a Runtherd whipping away at the poor animal and the Gretchin and the Mekboy, which is actually an Orc model from Confrontation. I just retooled his staff a little.

Here is a composite of some of the details. You notice that I removed the crest of the Stegadon's head and instead built him a helmet, just like the Mek boy. John came up with that idea, basically moving away from the Stegadon even more and adding some humour to it as well.

I can't wait to use this thing in my next Apoc game!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

The Stegadon to Nurgle Dragon Conversion

As you may know, I recently participated in the Stegadon Conversion Challenge hosted by Dave Taylor and Jeff Hall, you can link to it here.

The basic idea was to build something with the new Stegadon kit, converting it to use in a different army.

It was a great honor to be invited to participate and I think everyone did a great job, and the vote was very close.

Since part of the contest was to show the models and not give the names of the builders, I was unable to show the details of the build until the voting was over and now it is.

So here is my entry, a Nurgle Dragon converted from the new Stegadon plastic model kit.

I wanted to make something that I could use in one of my armies, and I didn't have a Dragon yet for my Chaos Nurgle army.

I started by assembling a few things to get the body mass together, the rear haunches looked big and strong so I decided I would reverse the model to give it massive shoulders like a rhino, so I placed the head at the end of the tail to give it a neck, I wanted a place for a rider to sit. I also decided to have it standing on its rear legs sort of rearing up to give if a more dynamic pose.

I added wings from a daemon that were a bit short, so I lengthened them with some greenstuff. I also used greenstuff to make the legs longer, I tacked the stubby feet where I wanted them and filled in the rest with greenstuff, I also used it to make a belly and wounds and poxes, also to make the claws.

The tail is modeled in Epoxie Sculpt, the tongue is a spawn tentacle.

The rider is from the new Chaos knights with a few mods to Nurgle him up and pose him, I added a scythe/reaper blade from the plastic zombies set.

Painted with greens and lots of washes in browns, greens, purples and reds.

I based it on the original base which is the correct size for a dragon, and built up a low stone wall out of pebbles from the yard to make a bit of ruins, and I added sand mix and some static grass.

It was a bit difficult to bring myself to cut up this model, but once I commited myself to it, and started glueing stuff together, things seemed to fall into place.

I have to say it is kind of hard to put all this work into something and then put it out there for the world to judge ( some people can be hard to please ) but I think it makes me a better model builder, after finishing this and looking at it, I was surprised how well it worked out, and by how well it was received, especially in the company of the other fine builds.

I would like to say thanks to my blog partner Mike for helping me with great ideas, a super positive attitude and for his unwaivering support, and my girlfriend for putting up with the mess I make with Warhammer stuff all over our house, and not giving me too hard of a time for working on my models and ignoring her, and also to the many blog readers that have responded with comments and support, letting us know that someones is out there reading this stuff.


Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Painting Sticks for Flying Models

Here is something I have been doing to make it easier to paint my flying models.

I use old paint brushes, this gives a nice holder for priming and painting, and also is good for
test-flying them around and making squawking sounds.

I cut the stick off on the taper so that it fits in to the hole for the flying base, and glue it in with some CA or PVA glue.

When I use CA I use the accelerator with it so it has a weaker bond, when done painting I just twist the stick and it comes loose.

The rider is also glued to another old brush handle.


Monday, April 20, 2009

LOTR Treeman for my Warhammer Fantasy Wood Elves

I never liked the spidery, scary looking treemen from the Warhammer fantasy line, so I decided to use the new plastic Lord of the Rings Treeman kit as a Fantasy treeman for my Wood Elves.

When I think of a treeman, this is what I think of. I just put him on a 50mm square base, painted him up and based with some stones and static grass.

here is a pic with some figures for size comparison


Monday, April 13, 2009

Mix up the Grot Rokkit launcha with your warbuggy!

A year ago I built some warbuggies out of a defunct Russian toy called Robogear. Here is that post I built 4 of them but only painted one. Now I finished the 2nd one and added the option of it carrying a Grot Rokkit into battle instead of the twinlinked rokkits.
Here are some pictures:
I magnetized the rokkit so I can easily swap it out for the rokkits (they really shoot, not pictured, see original post). And yes, the launcher swivels.

The paintjob was straightforward with a few details and lots of washes.

Try to find some of this Robogear stuff, it is easily converted and looks great on the battlefield.
Hope this inspires!