Thursday, January 29, 2009

Modeling tutorial: How to make dual purpose bases for Chaos Daemons in Fantasy & 40k

One of the great things about Daemon armies is that many of the models can be used in both Fantasy and 40k but the problem is that the bases are different, square or round.

Many will just use the square base, so that it is possible to rank the minis up for a Fantasy game, but some might say it gives an unfair advantage in 40K.

Here's the solution: I made up a method to swap bases easily between the two game formats.

Here are both stacked up, they are the same size across, 13mm.

I decided to try to make bases for my Plaguebearers. I like magnets and have a large stash, so I figured I would use a metal washer to mount the mini and then make the bases both fit the same washer.

I used a thin steel washer with a small hole (carridge washer) which is the same size as the top of the round base, $.08 each at the hardware store.

you can see how it fits on top of both bases

Next drill out a pair of holes in the slot for the magnets and super glue the magnets from the underside.

Clip the tab off the bottom of the mini and file it flat and glue to the washer

I used some Bondo Spot filling putty , but you can use greenstuff too, to build up the corners on the square base, and texture the top of the washer.

Lift out the mini on the washer straight up and let the putty dry.

Replace when dry and brush on a PVA glue and water mix

top with some sand mix.

again, lift out until dry.

Primer both parts separate

when dry, reunite and paint the base

Here is my finished base

These came out better than I thought they would, and I discovered another good feature.

When using the square base for fantasy, you can adjust the position of the figure for clearance in the ranks.

If you are a Daemon player you should give it a try, with a little modification using different Fantasy bases or just some balsa wood sheets, you can use the same technique to make great movement trays.


Some progress with my Forgeworld Death Guard

Painting Nurgle lends it self well to painting numbers so when I decided to get to painting my Forgeworld Dreds, I figured I would also finish my Forgeworld Death Guard and whatever else Nurglish I had around.

Forgeworld Nurgle Dreadnought with lots of washes and magnetized arms.

Forgeworld Death Guard Dreadnought, again washes and magnetized arms

A couple of the five Death Guard Termies to hang with Typhus

Ten Death Guard Marines

and I even got to painting some of my Nurgle daemons

but more on them later.....


Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The Sons of Mortarion are coming.

I have been absent for a while, but busy.

can you hear the buzz of the flies?
can you smell the rot and death?
stay tuned....


Monday, January 19, 2009

Iron Snakes question: Dan Abnett answers

Last week an anonymous reader commented on an Iron Snakes Post I did last year. Click here for the link to that article. I had modeled an Plasma gun on one of the character models, just like it said in the book. The anonymous reader thought it should be a plasma cannon ... and he was right! To find out I sent Dan Abnett an email and he was so kind to respond promptly:

"You'll have to forgive me for being an artsy-fartsy writer guy who occasionally lets prose get in the way of hard facts. I'm pretty sure we're talking about a cannon here. In terms of this story and others, I am prone to using the word gun simply to denote a weapon that shoots things rather than a specific TYPE of weapon that shoots things. It's not laziness, it's just a desire to soften the edges of the prose so it doesn't read like ultra-specific rule illustration (Not that using the word 'cannon' necessarily would, it's just that this is an example of a general trend of mine). Sorry for any confusion."
Dan Abnett

So that takes care of that: I will rebuild Brother Andromak (just for the hell of it) and in the mean time I am happy to know that one of my favorite writers takes time to respond to questions like this. Thanks Dan and maybe you can think of another Snakes story one of these days..


Monday, January 12, 2009

My Model from Mars; about Rho Mu 31 and the Mechanicum

So after I read Graham McNeils new novel Mechanicum (about the civil war on Mars in Warhammer 30K), I was left in despair. Why has GW never developed a Mars Army? There are so many good options and that army can have all the great weaponery, since they design and make it all themselves. Even the bad ones in the book are amazing, like the creepy female assassin, driving around on little hovercraft feet.
Anyway, I looked online for some scratch models and found a few blurry pix of a Dave Taylor Mars Army in a glass display case, but not much else.
So I decided to copy the guy on the front of the Mechanicum book. He has some big assault cannon with lots of wires and red cloth. I assume he is a protector like Rho Mu 31 (one of the main characters in the book), a gene enhanced used-to-be-human that has weapons built into his body, has enormous muscles and smells and looks like rotten meat and wearing rather more worn out and battered clothes.
So this is what I did:

Legs: Terminator. I cut them up to create a good stance on a piece of Martian rock. The rock I
made with the plaster (see post about that method here) and I filed it round to follow the base

Arms: Ork arms. I did want big muscles but not that big, so I filed them off a little.
One arm has the built in gun, which was made using some Loota pieces and the turret gun from
the Fortified Manor Set. Below is the one of the Loota Gunz that I used for the wiring and the turret gun. The main barrel is made from another Loota Gun

Here are the two together:

Then a few bitz and pieces to make it look good. Here it is all wired up

The other arm has a staff that has special powers. Only a few days ago was I able to find a good one from a blister that had a hovering skull in it.

Head: in the book Rho Mu 31 has a bronze mask with red glowing eyes. In ended up using this weird skull in my biz box, don't really know where it's from. Attached a Chaos breathing mask to it and sculpted it into a Termie torso.

Cape: Green stuff. I would love to take a class in how-to-do-it-right.

Here he is painted up.
The skin was hard because I wanted to make it look kind of pale and narly, especially where the gun meets his arm. I added some green there.

Anyway, it was a fun little project and I will probably use him as a Terminator with Assaultcannon for my Iron Snakes.