Saturday, October 31, 2009

Using Photoshop to spiff up your blog post

As you might have noticed, John has been playing in Photoshop with the first picture of each of his posts. He and I always try to work on that one a little extra, since that's the one showing in the blogroll and has to lure readers to our all should give that a try as well. It's fun.
Here's one he did recently, using lensflare

That got me here's one that I cooked up, using an older post image to play with. Here's the normal one that I posted ages ago...
and here's the one I did this morning, took me about 2 minutes
How to get there?
1. Open up Photoshop and drop in your image
2. go to filter
3. go to render
4. choose lighting effects
5. play around until you have something you like
6 then in the same menu, choose lense flare and drop it somewhere cool
7. now duplicate your layer
8. go to filter-render-clouds
9. make sure your fore-and background color are white and black
10. slide the opacity on your 2nd layer to 50 percent or so, however you like it, make it look misty.
11. on the 2nd layer, use the eraser and poke out some details you want to have stick out of the mist.
And there is the guy you never want to see coming out of the fog...

Easy does it. Maybe John will do a post on how he made this zombie reneguard.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Nurgle Plague Pact Traitor Guard, Zombies!

I decided to use a fantasy zombie as the base for this Traitor Guardsman, I added a Maxmini fallen legionnaire head and regular guard rifle and pouches with Imperial eagles removed.

I painted the skin rotten flesh with dwarf flesh highlights and a blue wash.

hope you like this option for traitor guard.


Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Remembering the Titans, Pt. II Warhound

This is a follow up to my earlier Titan post here.

I also have had this guy kicking around for a while, and threw him in with the last batch of painted second hand models that needed to be stripped and redone.

From this angle he looks big, but this guy is shorter than a terminator.

I twisted him around a bit to give him a more dynamic running pose.

There is a small casting imperfection on his right back so I made it look like a shell had hit there.

Here he is with his buddy from the other post.

Now I want to make more, I think I have an old set of rules around here somewhere.


Monday, October 26, 2009

The Bishkek 2nd Manticore, Part 6 and THE END

The Manticore is done and I am glad about it. I am totally over it! I now know that building a model with so much care and energy is really hard to keep up from start to finish and I was losing steam at the end. Obsessive as I am, I flew out of the gate, but at the end, when I had to paint the rockets I became grumpy and annoyed. I didn't like the rockets, they didn't look good etc etc. and I wanted to start something new.
But as always, the process is much more important then the result; I have learned so much from the FW modeling book and I had tons of fun with this tank. I can recommend a big project like this to everyone!
Here are the final pictures of the Bishkek 2nd Manticore, starting with the very first one:
and this is how it ended up
Here are some other views and details:
Frontal. You see that by magnetizing the rockets (better for play), you run the risk of the rockets not attaching straight and thus look crooked....
I added two guardsmen with their desert head dress. More about those later.
Backview with the stowage basket and the camo net.
Closeup of the basket and net. These details really add some realism to the whole thing.
Side view without the rockets. See the magnets in the launching tubes
I did add some numbers. I brushed on some hairspray, hand painted the number and did the usual trick with warm water. It came out well.
Here are the guys. John has been doing some resin casting, see here, and he gave me some desert heads. I used them so honor his brave attempts. Cheers John!
And that is about it for this thing. Since I hardly play, I was tempted for a day or so to give it away in the Santa Cruz Give Away, but maybe not...not sure what to do with it yet.

I already opened my next project. My buddy Christian gave me a Valkyrie for my bday 6 months ago, I want to do a good job on that. Does anyone have tips on how to superdetail a plane? I know nothing about planes but am planning a similar, but shorter series on that model. Let me know!
Thanks for all the great comments over the last two weeks!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

The Bishkek 2nd Manticore, Part 5

Getting close to the end with the Manticore. A few updates while I am preparing the painting of the rocket battery.
Here's on last closeup of the dozer. I added mud to whole tank (see below) and wanted the dozer to get it's share on the bottom part. I noticed that when using weathering powders they dry much lighter then when you throw it on with some water or spirit. So it would be good to use powder that's a bit darker. I will have to wash it a little with devlan mud.
This is the only glossy part of the whole machine, the hydraulics for the dozer.
Here are the back treads with all the mud piled on it. it came out pretty good. After the mud and the mandatory dull coat to encapsule all the powders, I did a light highlight with Boltgun metal mixed with black wash to give some of the links a little more visibility.
I also finished the weathering on the back.
Here's the stowage basket with some stuff in it. I really like how it came out, but wasn't happy with the crummy way I built the top part. So I cut down some cheesecloth, rolled it, stuck little pieces of tape to it and washed it with black and brown. Then I glued the whole thing down.
It kinda looks like a camo net. The brown yarn is not finished yet, I just wanted to show how it got finished. The net glues on fine, but it looks strange without it being tied up. A little yard tightened the net up nicely and it looks more realistic. I just have to weather the ties and drybrush the net a little. Here's another view
It needs a little tidying up but it will work out.


Thursday, October 22, 2009

Remembering the Titans, Some Bits Box Justice.

I started with all this Warhammer nonsense in the mid 80s.
High School, new wave, Ska, skate boarding, acne, girls and Warhammer.

I have mentioned those days a bit here.

Yeah, that's me, about 16 I think.

I didn't play the game, but I was buying and painting the figures.

In 1988 I played my first real Warhammer game; Adeptus Titanicus. While not Warhammer, it was from the Warhammer universe, and I finally got to use minis in a GW tabletop game, and it was fun.

I played that game with two guys named Christian.

21 years later, I am happy to say that I played my most recent 40k game against one of the same guys.

I never played Adeptus Titanicus again, or even painted any of the models, so today, a little bits box justice.

I found this plastic Beetle style MkI Warlord Titan from Adeptus Titanicus, in bad shape in the bits box.

I have ignored this guy and he has been knocking around and getting pushed aside while searching for just the right little thing for whatever conversion I was working on.

I figured it was time to renew this poor old veteran, so I gave it a Simple Green bath to strip it, magnetized the weapons and painted it up.

Shot from this low angle, like this, these look massive, but they are actually quite small.

I decided to break up the large flat areas with some muted wavy lines, an idea I remembered from a WWII German night fighter.

I like the way the weathered hazard stripes on the chainfist & rocket launcher turned out.

If you get a chance, pick up an older model that you remember from the good old days, and give it a good build up and paint job that it deserves.


Monday, October 19, 2009

The Bishkek 2nd Manticore, Part 4

More progress! But also more questions and before I can keep going I need help from you readers! Down below are 5 images that I need help identifying. They are numbered 1-5, maybe some of you can comment on what is is and mostly what it does! I don't know how to weather these items (grease, oil, dirt?). What moves and when? Anyway have a look and let me know. it's kinda funny how I have starting taking parts of models so for granted without even knowing what it really does!

3 the black thing
4 3 things here: wires on left, circle on bottom and door (engine?)
Thanks for that. Now on to the dozerblade, which has turned out to be my most succesful part of the mission so far. Here are the steps:
Black primer with tin bitz basecoat
Boltgun metal drybrush. I actually have two of these cans, the one I used has a bunch of black wash in it.
At this point I did two IMPORTANT things that take half a day:
1. glossy coat
2. 2 coats of hairspray
Then on to the next step: some patchy paint of the color that your tank is in, my case it's the deserty yellow
When that dried, I grabbed a brush with warm water and started to work it hard but not in a organized way, the paint comes of in a really patchy way.
IMPORTANT next step: another gloss coat to seal this result.
Then grab the oilpaint, in this case burnt umber and thin it with the turpentine. Then start having fun! I mixed it with a bunch of weathering powders that I made from my pastel chalks.
Late at night I gave it the matte coat and there it was this morning. Not done yet but getting pretty damn close!

Hope this inspires!