Monday, October 31, 2011

Adeptus Mechanicus Fandex, a review

The newest version of Lantz's Adeptus Mechanicus Fandex was recently released. Check it out here. Yes that is the same Lantz that does a great job co-authoring Santa Cruz Warhammer's weekly Honor Roll. I have been building an Ad Mech army myself, and I want to share with you my initial reactions to this new Fandex from the perspective of a fellow Martian. All the models pictured in this post are from my collection.

Praetorians or Skitarii

The first thing I want to say about the fandex is that it is huge! This is clearly a labor of love. It covers just about every aspect of Mars you can think of, Cult Mechanicus, Dark Mechanicus, splinter cults, Techmarines, Iron Hands, and more. Official information on the Adeptus Mechanicus is scattered and incomplete, but Lantz does an excellent job bringing it altogether in a cohesive way.

Mechanicum Scribes

The fandex is organized exactly like a GW codex. It goes through all the sections including an introduction to the force, back story and fluff, the different units, a gallery, wargear, the army list, and a summary at the end. It is one of the most complete fan made works I have ever seen.

Menials or Forsaken

The army list is very big and all encompassing. I can easily take my collection and translate it to work with these rules. Even though I did not build my army to use with this fandex all of my models can find a slot. I think that is one of the real strengths of this list; any Ad Mech collector can use these rules. The fluff section is not to be missed either. Lantz has written and collected numerous original stories all focusing on the exploits of the factions from the Red Planet. In fact there are eight pages of stories. Information on the Mechanicum's forces can be hard to come by and it is nice to have a lot of information collected in one place. Many writers and fans over the years have created new units, titles, and names to describe the Ad Mech forces. Because of this not everyone interprets Ad Mech terms and fluff the same way. Lantz's fluff is comprehensive and cohesive, but I recognize that some people may interpret parts of the information differently.

Praetorian or Servitor (I call him, "I am Bender please insert girder.")

I have not played with these rules yet, so I do not want to comment on how they play or their game balance. However, I will say that they are thorough, and after a read through completely playable. If I had to find a (luxury) problem with the fandex, it is that it is too complete. There is a plethora of information in the dex; I almost feel like it is three rule books in one, an Ad Mech army, a Dark Mechanicus army, and a Techmarine fraternity army. All of the units and factions are thoroughly explained, so it is not a problem, it's just a lot of information to process. It has a full 99 pages of content.

Servitor with Communications Array/Teleport Homer

I just want to reiterate how obvious it is that an incredible amount of time and energy has gone into this fandex. It is a polished publication that is practically overflowing with information. If you are an Adeptus Mechanicus collector like me, or you just want to know more about one of mankind's most powerful factions, then you should definitely read this fandex. You can download it at It is free, so what are you waiting for! And as you can see with my models, building Mechanicum models is wonderfully freeing and gives you loads of opportunity to be creative!


Friday, October 28, 2011

SCWH Honor Roll #35 - Community Haunted

Welcome to the SCWH Honor Roll now brought to you with love and care direct from Matt and Lantz, two dashing fellows from over at MWC and TLA! This week is filled with the gross, rusted, creepy, haunted, postulating and horrifying from around the 40k Community this week. And just in time for Halloween!

Spellscape - Tomb Kings Skeleton Archer Tutorial
A Guardsman's Guide To Glory - Sewage Processors Completed
WH 40k Modeling Blog By Agis - Chaos Titan Showcase
Geek In The Basement - Painted Car Wars Cars
Dark Future Games - Creepy Terrain Gallery
Wargaming Tradecraft - Madrak WIP
Bear's 40k Blog - Finished Land Raider
Feralique - Zombie Pirate Bloated Corpse

Lantz: Still holding in your lunch? Good good. I don't know if it had to do with the fact that Halloween is just around the corner, but this week I saw a lot of creepy and worn-looking projects going on. I'm particularly fond of AGGTG's Sewage Processors, as we've featured their WIP shots on the Honor Roll before; it's nice to see a project's close. And I wouldn't be Lantz if I didn't mention the Necron Terrain from DFG. /drool

Mike's additions for this week's Honor roll is:

Mike: I love this version of the new Brian Nelson sculpt of the Nurgle Lord, painted by razzaminipainting AKA Darren Latham, the head of 'Eavy Metal at GW who according to the comments doesn't work there anymore (?)

As always: if you care about your fellow bloggers and their work, please link the Honor Roll on your blog. Grab the jpg from this post and use this link underneath:

Much appreciation!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Santa Cruz Warhammer and Table Top Fix are joining forces on charity

Table Top Fix, the news blog that features on the Elite Alliance at BOLS, and Santa Cruz Warhammer have decided to partner together in the Ad for Charity Project. Falk, who is from New Zealand, runs TTFix with a partner in France and together they have excellent contacts in the world of models and modeling.

I asked Falk to help us with our plan and he was very excited. For companies that are interested, we will offer the following:

50 dollar donation to the charity of your choice = ads pace at Santa Cruz Warhammer for one month
100 dollar donation to the charity of your choice = ad space at SCWH and Table Top Fix for one month

With both packages we request two kits of the model being promoted: one will be reviewed by John or myself, the other will be given away.

Santa Cruz Warhammer and Table Top Fix together generate about 55.000 visits a month so exposure is guaranteed.

Neither SCWH or TTFix will receive ANY money. We will also keep a clear line on which companies can be promoted: they have to have relevance to our greater modeling world.

Dear readers, all this means not much right now, since we are busy contacting companies to measure interest. But we will keep at because we believe charity is needed now more then ever.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

My 2nd scratchbuilt Hell Cannon!

After building my first Chaos Hell Cannon (click here for that post), I set to work on the second one. I created a similar body, but wanted to improve the look of the burning heat of the model. Therefore I added metal plating on the second one, which is all bursting away because of temperature and temperament.
Here's the scratchbuild:

And here is the painted version:
I feel I was more succesful in painting the heat. here's a top view:

A gaping maw:
and the back:

Here are the two together, one green and one red and one of the crewmembers. I am preparing a different kind of crew, but more about that later.

Hope this inspires!


Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Multi-Purpose Display Board and Army Carrying Tray

In the past when I went to play a game of Warhammer I brought with me a simple office letter tray for collecting my dead models and moving my army around the room. This has proven to be both a great time saver, and a good way to make sure I did not lose anything. The only problem was I did not like to carry around a tray plus a display board. It was simply too much stuff, so the display board was left at home. Unfortunately at a recent tournament this was detrimental as I received a perfect army painting score except for the two points I lost for not having a display board. I have now solved this problem.

Introducing my quick and easy multi-purpose display board and carrying tray. I picked up a cheap plastic tray at a discount store for only a couple bucks. The one I bought was clear plastic so I spray painted it black. I then cut up a cheap moss flocked mat to fit on the outside bottom and the inside of the tray, and glued it down. I decided to put flocking on the outside and the inside, so I have options for how I display my armies. The moss mat was the cheap kind craft stores sell around the holidays for putting under Christmas displays. You could also flock the bottom as normal with your favorite basing material just be sure to seal it really well so it does not rub off. The tray I bought also conveniently had a raised lip around the edge on the bottom so I cut the mat to fit inside the lip so the tray still sits flat. Now I have a tray for carrying my army around in, and when I flip it over a base to display my army on. This whole project was really quick and took me no more than an hour to put together.

I liked this project because it reminded me that not everything has to be complicated to be effective.


Monday, October 24, 2011

Daemonic Incursion: Building a Herald of Tzeentch

Hello again, as promised I documented the process of me building my second Herald of Tzeentch mounted on a chariot.  As you will see, it is a fairly simple process and the results are a cool looking model that can be potentially devastating on the table.

List of Supplies:

  • 2 flying stand bases
  • 3 flying stand stems
  • 2 Screamers of Tzeentch
  • 1 Herald model of your choice
  • 2 old chaos space marine dozer blades
  • 12" of jewelry chain
  • 6 small metal rings
  • 1 chariot base
  • basing material: sand, pebbles, etc (not pictured)
  • Heavy Gel Medium (not pictured)
The list of supplies may sound intimidating, but the model itself is quite easy.  I found most of these items on ebay so the price of this model was pretty reasonable.

The chain and small metal rings can be found at a craft store for about $5 total.  This gives you several feet of chain, and about 50 of these little rings!
Step 1: Glue the two flying stands together, flat side to flat side.

I added some greenstuff to plug one side of the hole.  This will act as a pupil for the disc.   The hole can also be filled in with gel medium in a later step.
Step 2: Cut off the points from the Dozer Blades
Be sure to clean up the mold lines.  These are from an older model, so a little more cleanup is required.
Step 3: Attach the dozer blades to the disc
Some of the blades are longer than others, I chose to put the longest ones in the front and back.
Step 3.1-4: Attach the rest of the blades.
I found that it helps to place the blades directly across from one another to help balance the disc.  I hairdryer is also handy during this stage to help speed up the process.

Make a cross shape with your first 4 blades to help with the overall spacing.

Then add diagonal blades onto the cross.

The disc with all blades attached!  By following the above steps, all blades should be spaced fairly evenly around the disc!
Step 4: Drill 2 holes in the disc on either side of the forward facing blade

Step 5: Drill a hole in each side of the wings for both Screamers
Place the holes towards the back of the wings, and fairly centered.

Step 6: Layout the disc and two Screamers onto your base to determine positioning
Play around with spacing, and if you have different heights of flying stand stems, take that into account as well.
Step 7: Drill holes for flying stand stems in the positions you chose.
Place the screamers and Disc in place, just to check out the height and positioning DO NOT GLUE.
Step 8: Base Stand, and apply gel medium to the Disc.
I applied a liberal amount of the gel using a stippling technique, this should make a pretty interesting pattern on the disc which will look great once I paint it.
For the base, I used some bassalt, but I will probably end up replacing this with a resin base down the road.
Step 9: While the Gel Medium and the basing materials dry, build your Herald.
Again, I decided to use the Tzeentch Sorcerer from the Storms of Magic release.  To make it different from my previous Herald, I removed the sword in the right hand, and replaced it with the staff that is normally in the left had.

I then cut off the second left arm altogether (he comes with two), and then swapped the clenched first that was holding the staff for the open hand from the removed limb.
Step 10:  While the Gel Medium and basing materials continue to dry, use pliers to open the metal rings.

and after
Step 11: Cut your chain into 3" pieces, and using the rings, attach the chain to your Screamers.
Use pliers to clamp the rings closed again, once the chain has been looped onto the rings.
Step 12: Once your Gel Medium has dried, attach the chains with loops to your Disc.
Be sure to do this step with everything on their flying stems (but not glued).  This will allow you to give your chains the desired amount of tension.  Once you have the chains shortened to the correct tension, again, use pliers to clamp the rings shut that are now attached to the disc.
Step 13: Attach your Herald to the Disc.
The stand will lean forward until it is glued into place, so be sure to pull the stand back to its proper position when shortening your chains.

Finished:  Your Herald of Tzeentch on Disc is built!
Last weeks Herald side by side with this weeks.

Next Step: Paint it up!
TO PAINT:  Remove the Screamers and Disc from the base, then remove the flying stems from the base.  Prime the base and the Screamers with attached Disc.  Do not prime the clear flying stems.  Paint away!

Well, that's it for this week.  Hopefully that was clear enough for everyone to follow.  Please let me know in the comments below if you need any clarification.

Now to get these suckers painted up...

Until next time,
Happy Modeling!


Saturday, October 22, 2011

SCWH Ads for Charity

John and I have always been adamant about advertising on Santa Cruz Warhammer. When we started in 2007 we pledged never to put ads on....well, we broke that promise today. For the first time we have started a sponsorship program. BUT we will not make a dime on it. All proceeds of the program (minus paypal costs) will go to Charity. We have called it Ads for Charity

This is how it works:

A company or individual pays 50 dollars for an ad per month. All money goes to a charity of their choosing OR we provide a choice: Doctors without Borders, Save the Children, Fallen Heroes Fund or The American Cancer Society. We can help you find a good cause that has an A rating in distributing your money directly to the cause you support. We will not take in any money; we want the donations to go directly to the cause and we will get a receipt with the donation and the tagline Ads for Charity.

In addition the sponsor will give two models to us, one of which will be given away to YOU, our readers. The other model will be reviewed and modeled and we will check out the company in depth but in an honest and realistic manner. 

For all that the sponsor will get an ad space for a month on the right top of our blog and tons of traffic to your website. We run Google Analytics to prove our visiting volume. AND: all our readers know that you care about doing something good in the world around you. We will have a MAXIMUM of 4 sponsors per month.

That's it. Check out the spot on the right where the ads will go. We added one company already.

John and I will only accept sponsors from appropriate companies, so you won't see any Amazon or computer game ads. We have dealt with a lot of wonderful and creative artists that want to promote their talents and we hope this will help them get more business.

To give you insight into our donated amount, we will create a charity meter which will be proudly displayed on our blog.

For John and myself, this blog is a place of happiness and doing good, not making money for ourselves. We want to show the blogging and modeling worlds how much good can be done using common sense and some goodwill. That's the reason we also organized the StormWardens and Heroes of Armageddon Charity Drives. In this economy the charities are in dire need of support and every bit helps! 
If you know anyone who might be interested, drop us a line at scwarhammer at gmail dot com.

Let us know what you think.


Barter Bucket: 10/22/11

Another world, another time. In the age of wonder.
A thousand years ago this land was green, until the Bucket cracked. A single piece was lost, a shard of the Bucket. Then strife began, and people began charging for bits and single models. Here in the castle of the Bucket, Santa Cruz Warhammer took control. Now the bits flow freely once more. Now the Bucket hangs above a shaft of air and fire. Once more gamers gather at the Bucket. Once more they replenish their bits bins. The Bucket...

mike dot tess at charter dot net (SCWH's own Mike) is looking for EMPIRE (no OOP models) or Imperial Guard, mostly tanks for now. The state of the tanks is irrelevant! For trade? Just ask, got a LOT email him at mike dot tess at charter dot net

jason dot butch1 at gmail dot com
  1. Space Marine MkVI ("beaky") helmets, any
and has to trade:
  1. 40k Imperial Guard bits
  2. WHFB Empire bits
srbuman at gmail dot com needs some Ork super-heavy help:
  1. Needs: Any Ork or Imperial Guard vehicle bits
  2. Has: A good chance he has the bits you need, just ask
  3. He is working on these vehicles
eriochrome at hotmail dot com, hook him up if you can with the following:
  1. Epic Squats
  2. Epic Eldar Cobra Super Heavy Tank
  3. Blood Bowl: 2nd Edition Chaos/Mutant Players
Here are two posts on his blog for trade goods:
  1. Sons of Twilight: Garage Sale 4
  2. Sons of Twilight: Barter Bucket
natsirtdm at gmail dot com is a rock solid player yo, he's looking for:
  1. AoBR Dreadnought
  2. Eldar Harlequins (metal, any)
for trade he has:
  1. IG sentinel on sprue (minus missile launcher/heavy flamer)
  2. BA death company bits
  3. Pewter Baal Pred assault cannon turret upgrade
av8hotrod at yahoo dot com (SCWH's own John) wants:
  1. Long Drongs Slayer Pirates, need 6 more troops.
  2. OOP Land Raider box, the first one, just the box
  3. Fantasy Chaos Marauders
The Bucket has one purpose, gamers helping other gamers. It's a place to trade the stuff you have laying around, the stuff you're not using and get the stuff you do need. No more buying whole sets for just one model, no more buying overpriced single bits. This concept is kept alive by the cooperative spirit of all of us.

Make sure your email gets to me by Thursday for it to post that week, emails go to miksminis at gmail dot com. Please keep them simple and concise with details, and limit your requests for needs and haves to three items each. This will turn a shotgun effect of a huge list crossing your fingers hoping for a bite to a more streamlined surgical bits hunt. It will also keep the Bucket itself compact and efficient.

Remember, change comes from within...your bits box!

Friday, October 21, 2011

SCWH Honor Roll #34 - Free For All

Welcome to the SCWH Honor Roll now brought to you with love and care direct from Matt and Lantz, two dashing fellows from over at MWC and TLA! This week we've got a little bit of everything from conversions and painting to WIPs and finished products. Enjoy!

Chaos In The Dark Millennium - Necron Array Army*
Digital Wastrel - Finished Dark Eldar Raider
A Guardsman's Guide To Glory - Sewage Works WIP
IDICBeer 40k - Eldar Psychic Markers
Bigtank Armour 1/15 Scale - 1:15 Scale Hull WIPs*
Resin Addict - Zeus Destroyer
Eye of Error - Light-Up Titan WIP
Remote Presence - Finished Hac Tao Infantry

* = translated to English

Lantz: Above all, the Necron army from CITDK made me the most delighted as I literally giggled when I first saw it. It's well crafted, even for something that looks like Minecraft; I knew it was Necrons before I even translated the thing! I'm also quite fond of the Eldar Psychic markers over at IDICB. As a previous Eldar player, it's hard to keep track of dual Farseer list's powers and these are a beautiful alternative.

Matt: (crunchs on some chips) Here I am :). And to some great finds Lantz made this week! I really love the Sewage Works terrain. Its a great WIP and something most of us can do as well! Whats better that! Well a close second is totally the Dark Eldar Raider! Talk about sweeeeeeeeeeett! Check out the that control panel as well! Of course the Necron army is a tasty treat as well! All around Lantz, some excellent picks this week!

Mike and John's additions for this week's Honor roll are:

Mike: Check out this link. it's the top TEN HIGHEST ranked models on Cool Mini Or 2011 Numbers 1, 2, 5, 6 and 7 are all from the same group Massive Voodoo. It's obvious now that the German collective are at this moment the best modelers and painters in the world. That's quite an achievement. They give 'eavy Metal are real run for their money. Check out the numbers above...they are truly monumental.

JohnCheck out Dave Taylor's Norse Orgre Maneater 

As always: if you care about your fellow bloggers and their work, please link the Honor Roll on your blog. Grab the jpg from this post and use this link underneath:

Much appreciation!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Santa Cruz Warhammer Game Night!

We have been running a SCWH gamenight now every month for over a year now and it's something I always look forward to. Sometimes we are with 4 people, sometimes we have 15 players. Its casual, we look at each others models, projects and we play a bit. it's cool.

Next Friday we will hold another one and I invite all of you in the bay area or San Jose/Monterey, to check it out once. We hold the event in Capitola and if you want to come or are interested drop a comment with info so we can reach you.

It's truly wonderful to bring together people that love the hobby and like to hang out and if you feel like doing it in your area, feel free to drop us a line if you want advice!

Hope to see you next Friday, 28 October from 5-9 in Capitola!