Saturday, June 23, 2012

SC Warhammer joins in new Escalation League

This spring, several of us from SC Warhammer joined in a Warhammer escalation league. Though I have done so before, it has been many years and I had been hankering to begin a new army. After talking to SC John - who was also wanting to try out a new army - we decided to jump in on this campaign hosted by our new LFGS Mythic Games. Ruben, the store owner was gracious enough to allow a dozen of us to invade his store once or twice a week to throw dice!

(Left to right: John G. - who won Best Painted - faces off against Ruben, our host)

Throughout the spring and into summer, we had 12 official game nights culminating in a 2000 point with three prizes up for grabs - Best General (Rex), Best Painted (John G.) and Best Sportsman (SC Glenn).

(Rex, giving us his "Best General" face!)

All-in-all, it was a wonderfully enjoyable experience which has motivated me to collect and paint a new army. (Ogre Kingdoms)

(This is my giant who, throughout the campaign, either died quickly or smashed mightily!)

(David and Alan, both ferocious Warhammer opponents!)

Escalation leagues are a wonderful way to try out a new army and to meet new players. All of us had a wonderful time and are now eagerly awaiting the start of a new map-based Warhammer campaign as well as the arrival of the new 6th Ed. 40K! A big thanks to Ruben for hosting, Paul and Rex for organizing and running the league and to SC John and Scott for all of the Ogre Kingdoms help and advice!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Handy Home Made Brush holder!

My ideas to improve modeling over the years have certainly all been pretty modest and not very shocking. Today I am proud to present you with my most benign idea ever: the home made brush holder

step 1
fill you paint cup with water close to the rim

step 2
Cut holes in plastic card with a hole puncher and fold over the corners so the plastic card doesn't fall off. My girls could only find their heart hole puncher

step 3
give you brushes a bath

I use it every day now, it's actually works.

SC Mike

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Wolf Wing is packed!

I have been emptying out my display case and putting models away (under the bed) for a while now. The Bishkek was the first large army to go and today I finally put away the Wolf Wing as well. I found a really nice old camera case that had foam already on the inside and a nice system of creating spaces. Here are the shots

put them all in:

and make it travel ready. The case comes with a handy shoulder strap. And yes, it is about 1500 points. I could swap out the drop pod for a second landraider, but I haven't built that one yet.

The advantage of this army is of course the small size; it will be easy to grab for a quick game. For the rest of the time they can sleep under the bed.

My case is getting full with all the ongoing projects: Ogres, Tau and Empire. I finally ended my work on the Hordes of Vormond. I will do an army portrait of that work before I am going to retire those guys as well. It has been my largest project of the last 16 months or so and I am pleased with the results. But I will probably not play with it anymore, preferring the Empire as my gaming army.

Anyway, updates on the Tau coming up soon, i have done a ton of work on those guys! And I am going to build a model for the charity drive The Black Crusade. More soon!

SC Mike

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Easy Woodcut Terrain

 This house only cost me $6.25.  I was at a local craft store and was struck by inspiration when I saw the wooden puzzles and craft kits that are made for children.  A quick ebay search later and I found a couple Woodcraft Construction Kits of buildings that were about the right size to use with 28mm wargaming.  The best part is that many of these kits only cost about $6 including shipping.  The Easterling model in these photos I have included for scale.

 These kits do show their low price tag.  They have very little detail and many of the pieces are crudely cut and do not fit perfectly.  For example in this photo you can clearly see that the three columns do not all stand up straight.  I did two things to downplay these problems.  On this building I decided to use the slightly uneven cuts to my advantage by decorating this as a somewhat dilapidated fantasy shack.  In doing so the imperfections actually help the final look of the building.  I also used popsickle sticks to add trim around the door and windows, and I made shingles out of cereal box card to add in a few more details.
This is how the kit comes.  All the pieces are cut out of two small sheets of plywood, and it comes with a one page instruction sheet.  This kit has the benefit of having a working door and a removable roof.  The various Woodcraft kits are not a set scale so be sure to check the dimensions of the finished kit before buying one to make sure it will work with your models.

This is another building that I made from a Woodcraft Construction Kit.  It has a more Asian design so I decided to paint it as an Easterling building for Lord of the Rings.  Again I added trim around the windows and door, and shingles made from card.  I cut the shingles as triangles to achieve a different look.  The scale of this building is actually slightly smaller than the previous one.  They are the same height but the two tiered roof required the windows and door to be a bit smaller. 

I want to point out again that each of these kits only cost me $6.25.  It would be hard to find usable scale buildings for less, and I find that nice terrain really increases my gaming enjoyment.  What do you think, do these buildings work?  If you want to see more of our projects or want to chat with the Santa Cruz Warhammer community be sure to join our group on facebook.


Monday, June 4, 2012

From Birdhouse To Terrain

 This Easterling tower is really a birdhouse.  A few months ago I was at a crafts store and they had a bunch of different unpainted wood birdhouses on clearance for $2-$4 each (full price $5-$10).  I grabbed a couple because the scale was close enough to 28mm to be used as terrain.  This is the first one I have painted and I made it to go with my Lord of the Rings Easterling force

This is the birdhouse before I painted it.  The original birdhouse was called a Porcelain Tower after the Chinese building.  You can see the one modification that I made.  The original birdhouse had very thick railings that looked good but took up so much space that I could not fit models on the top two levels.  I replaced the original wood railings with ones made out of plasticard "L" strips with green stuff to fill the gaps where the corners meet.  After painting the model I decided to add a few decorative pieces on the first floor with cereal box card.

Here are a couple other birdhouses that I picked up at the same time.  I think the rocket will become an Ork structure and the house on stilts I plan on giving a swampy base.  There are lots of different designs for unpainted birdhouses and how good they will look is really just dependent on how much time you put into detailing them up.  I grabbed these for adding terrain quickly and easily to my collection.

If you have not joined Santa Cruz Warhammer on facebook be sure you do to keep up with all of us and to share your own projects.