Monday, December 22, 2008

The finished Chaos Sorcerer with Custom Decals

I finished the Chaos Sorcerer that was the center of my experiments with the custom decals that you can find here
I found this model in a sale bin for 5.95. Too bad, since it is an exquisite model that can truly give you the creeps. I don't even play Chaos but I had to do something with this one.
The only problem was the barding of the horse which looked just like a normal old style bretonnian horse and that didn't seem too Chaos to me. So with green stuff I added bits of skin and bone to the barding to make it look more scary.

Here are the pictures:

the back

here are 2 side shots

Here's the added green stuff

I worked on the base a bit, this is what it looked like unprimed

here it is painted, also a good shot of the skin flaps on the barding

For me this is my new way of modeling. I find a model that looks great and I will lovingly spend hours on it. I don't really know what to do with it now, so maybe it will become a gift..

Sunday, December 14, 2008

More about Custom Decals, a 15th century masterpiece and Chaos

A week ago I did a post about some favorite medieval paintings and how they inspire me to do some conversions and other modeling. Well, here's a good example. I created some custom decals for a Chaos Sorcerer that I am working on. This is the model:

He is not finished so I won't show any more, but the banner is all done and I used an old Hieronymus Bosch painting (from about 1490) for his banner. Here's the original painting:

Here's the decal sheet, sized in Photoshop to 8.5x5.5. In the end I only used the top two of the bigger designs, the others didn't not print up well.

Here's the front of the banner...

here's the back..

It's not a typical Chaos banner with the usual symbols, but to me the original painting and the end result both wonderfully exemplify the world of Chaos. It's great fun making those banners. I did do some painting and washing over and around it to make it blend nicely.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Chaplain Dreadnought

Here is a Chaplain Dreadnought that I made from the metal Venerable Dread, I really do not like the original model , I used a Chaos marine soulder pad for the skull head.

hear is a link to the datasheet for it from an earlier post.


Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Get Inspired by these masterpieces!

I love staring at old paintings, especially the ones that are dark and scary and that kind of tie in to the warhammer world, both fantasy and 40K. With my latest decal-playing-around, I thought it might be fun to use some of my favorite artists as a banner decal. Mind you, it is kind of cheating, but at the same time, I have loads of fun making it work. In this post I just want to share some images from some very talented artists, that certainly have influenced the GW artists in their visions of the dreary place that is Warhammer. Fulgrim would have loved this stuff...
(I kept the files as big as possible, so you can see some good details)
First off: Hieronymus Bosch. You can find all about him here
He was a Dutch painter who lived from 1450 till 1516. His works are super famous and far ahead of his time. This stuff is very dark and there are tons of details that you will miss in these files. This is what the Warp looks like....go read about him, it will inspire you to model.

This last one reminded me of the Emperor on his throne...

The other artist I really like is Gustave Dore, a French illustrator from the 19th century who is famous for his biblical drawings. Find out more here. I have an old copy of Dantes Divine Comedy (click here for more info) and the illustrations that Dore did for that book are narly and scary and seem exactly like the world Horus and Fulgrim were envisioning when they betrayed the emperor. His visions of Hell give me the creeps and are extremely facinating. Some of his images would look very nice as a banner in a chaos army.

If you think this was fun, hunt down some books about these artists and study their work. You will be amazed!
Hope this was fun!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

About Iron Snakes, Custom Decals, Photoshop and more...

Using Photoshop, Google Images and decal paper, I was able to finish up Brother Autolochus, the Iron Snakes Venerable Dreadnought as described in Dab Abnett's novel Brothers of the Snake. I have committed myself to make at least a squad of 10, a landspeeder, a rhino and the dread.
I based him on a few old tracks, cut a wheel in half and added some rocks.

I wanted to paint Autolochus in a really simple paint scheme, with only bright colors in the center of the model. The Forgeworld Model for a Venerable Dreadnought doesn't have as much detail and flair as you would expect and it require a solid paintjob on the metal. I must have thrown 7 layers or watered down mithril on his shins, doling lots of shading as well.

Here are those shins. Also, on the base I added a light mist of bleached bone all around, including on his feet to make it look dusty and old.

Here's the back of that base

On to the decals. I really wanted to give Autolochus some exquisite shoulders, I knew I wasn't going to be paint this myself. What to do? Ask Victor Hardy? It was easier to go to Google, type in Sea Serpent and bingo, a bunch of cool, ancient drawings popped up.
This one ended up on his right shoulder, in Photoshop I created a different hue...

Here's the one for the right shoulder, I also recolored this one to match the red..

Here's a cool one I didn't use....yet

I sized them all and threw them on the decal sheet, that file is here if you want to use it. It is sized for the Testors decal paper that you can find below this image in a link.

I used Testors decal paper in a package of 3 sheets of clear and 3 of white for 9.99. The clear ones really didn't work at all, too translucent, so white it was. You can find that stuff here.
After applying it (see here for excellent tutorials on BOLS), I painted it to make it look worn.

Hope it inspires! Let me know about questions regarding photoshop..
Click here for all my other posts about my Iron Snakes.


Friday, November 28, 2008

Making rocks for your terrain

I have been busy with making some more terrain for our games of Fantasy and 40K (click here for the previous post on terrain)and bought a starter set of Woodland Scenics cast-you-own-rock. First of all, it is completely unneccessary to do this, because you can find plenty of rocks in the yard that look just the same. But for me it is fun, messing around with plaster and coming up with a rock that looks like the real thing!
Allright then, you start with this

then you mix it with some water; click on this video link (it's real short but great)

The molds look like this....

and they are cheap, running about 9.00 dollars per.
John gave me a couple as well and I decided to make two of them for real.
This is what it looks like after it has dried..(takes about 30 minutes)

Then the paint job: it's time for those washes. They worked great. I used the sepia and the brown and the cracks I shaded with black. Then I dry brushed with Bleach Bone.

The plaster is not very sturdy, so I added some balsa wood underneath to keep the edges from chipping. On the one I kept it flush to the rock, the other has a wider base. I added some sand and grass.

Here are the rocks scaled to some models:

They will sure give you a cover save..

So for 18 dollars you can get two molds, the plaster is 10 dollars. That's a whole lot cheaper then most terrain. You can add the rocks to foam and make them stick out in a larger piece, you can also just cast parts of it to make smaller pieces and it works great for basing your models.
Here's the website for this product:
It's mostly a railroad site, but still very interesting.
Since I have cast these rocks, I have read about dental plaster being a much tougher material, but unfortunately it is much more expensive. That material goes by Excalibur and only come in 25 pound boxes...

Friday, November 21, 2008

Space Marine Dwarf

I have been thinking of a space marine army to take advantage of the new codex and I like dwarves.

I wonder why they got rid of Squats?

I decided to model a dwarf sized space marine.

I imagined that there might be a planet, a forge world with very strong gravity, so strong that it has been attracting all different sorts of space rocks that are deposited all over and can be mined to make weapons and stuff.

If this forge planet had a space marine chapter, perhaps the gravitational force might even overpower the geneseed; not a mutation but a result of severe conditioning.

Of course this mineral rich soil would grow just the right crops to make beer.

So here he is: he is short, fearless and likes beer.

in the grim darkness of the future there is only beer.

here he is offering a drink to a regular marine.