Thursday, December 26, 2013

Nesbit Purple Heart Update

The Nesbit Purple Heart made it home to his daughter for Christmas, hit this link for the local news story and video.

Merry Christmas everyone.

Thursday, December 5, 2013

(UPDATED)Help Us Make a Holiday Miracle Come True: we did it!

Update: After only one day I am happy to report that the funds have been raised and this part of the project is complete! 

Thank you everyone!

Many of  the long time readers of this blog will remember our past fund raising projects. We took on some huge projects, with great teams and brought a bunch of great people together from our hobby world to work together and give back as a group. This year I have decided to kick it down a notch. No raffles, no weekly updates from teams of blog hobby superstars. This time I am simply going to ask our readers and friends to help us do something that we feel needs to be done.

This year I am asking for your help to make a holiday miracle happen.

This is Jackie Nesbit, he was a member of the 17th Airborne 466th Parachute Field Artillery Battalion, he was killed in combat during Operation Varsity on March 24 1945.

This is a photo of Jackie and his wife Elizabeth Nesbit just before he was deployed to Europe. Jackie and Elizabeth had a daughter Patricia, she was born after Jackie left for the war, they never got to meet each other, she was one month old when he was killed in combat 

 Patricia as a young girl 

 This is Patricia now.

After the war Elizabeth remarried, and the family moved around a bit. Sometime during that period, the Purple Heart Medal that was sent home after Jackie's death was lost.

I came across some messages online in a militairy forum from Patricia's son in law, in which he was searching for the Purple Heart to return to Jackie Nesbit's daughter Patricia. He is ex Army, and so am I, we both understood the importance of returning this medal to his child, so I offered to help him.

The original named medal has been found in a private collection, and the owner has agreed to sell it for the amount he has invested in it.

Unfortunately these things are very collectible and command a high price. If it was 20 bucks I would just buy it and send it off to the family, who wouldn't? That's when I got to thinking, what's a few bucks to do the right thing? I know a bunch of people that would help pitch in a few bucks to make this right. I bet they all know a few friends too. 

This year I am asking all of you to pitch in and help return Jackie Nesbit's Purple Heart to his daughter and her family. 

You aren't going to win anything, I'm not going to grow a mustache, but maybe we can get together and make a holiday miracle happen for a little girl that never met her father and see to it that her family has something to remember him with.  

 Jackie Nesbit's remains were recovered from Holland and buried with honors at Arlington National Cemetery. 

If you would like to help us with this project, please use the button on the top right of this page and hit the drop down menu to select an amount to pitch in. If you want to help spread the word , please link to and share this page.

Thanks, and happy holidays.

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Home made vehicle wrecked markers, also great for 40K!

Having played a few games of Bolt Action now, it has always been kind of anticlimatic when one of the vehicles on the battlefield blows up and we have to use black felt to make it look like smoke. So I figured I would throw something together that looks decent:

read more here on our new blog Santa Cruz Warhammer Historical!

Monday, September 9, 2013

A close up look at a World War 2 family heirloom

My father in law gave me a book his dad got when he was fighting in Northern Italy in 1945. It's called Pup Tent Poets Mediterranean and it was published in 1945 by Stars and Stripes. It was the second version, there also was a Northern Africa edition.

read more here: Santa Cruz Warhammer Historical

SC Mike

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Final part of the tank museum series

I posted some final but very interesting images on SCWH Historical Check it out here:

Part Three 

SC Mike

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

The world largest private tank museum Part 2: Germans!

I uploaded part 2 of our visit to the MVTF with a lot of German WW2 vehicles. Check it out here:

Santa Cruz Warhammer Historical

Sunday, August 18, 2013

A visit to the world's largest private tank collection - part 1

The heart of Santa Cruz Warhammer went on an excursion yesterday! Check out part 1 of a photo report here

Santa Cruz Warhammer Historical - tank museum part 1

Check it out on our new blog and start following for more pictures later in the week - German stuff!

SC Mike

Monday, August 5, 2013

Painted M8 Greyhound for Bolt Action

I finished up the Greyhound for my budding Bolt Action American armylist.

For all the details, check out my new blog: santacruzwarhammer historical


SC Mike

Friday, July 26, 2013

One more pitch for my new baby

One more pitch for my new blog; Santa Cruz Warhammer Historical. I posted another post on it, that really represents what I want to do on that site: mix modeling with learning about history. Right now it's all WW2 but in the future it might be other things as well.

Anyone would would want to put me on their blog roll, I would be very grateful. I will try to make it a worthwhile read!

SC Mike

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Santa Cruz Warhammer Historical: it's new!

I started a off shoot of our blog so I can put my historical modeling someplace more fitting.  Please go and have a look at the new site: Santa Cruz Warhammer Historical. If you are interested, become a follower!

Here's the link:

Of course I will keep up Santa Cruz Warhammer as well!

SC Mike

Thursday, July 18, 2013

The Return of the Barter Bucket !

The Barter Bucket returns! This once great weekly regular on this blog has been resurrected and can now be found as a Facebook group where you can buy sell and trade and post your want lists for all your miniature wargaming needs.

If you are not a Facebook account holder, this is finally a reason to join.

Please join in and invite all your gaming friends for responsible trading.

Barter Bucket Facebook Group Link

Saturday, July 6, 2013

The Knights of Santa Cruz Winner and Finished Models

With 14 knights entered the winner was drawn, and the winner is Glenn Barnett. As you can see we had a very nice turnout of nicely painted models, Glenn wins all the knights and an army book donated by our local gaming store Mythic Games.

We thought the knights looked so good we would show them in close up with the names of the painters, click the pics for nice big images

Sebastian Naitsabes

Glenn Davis

Jen Slinger

Jen Slinger

Michael Rivera

Scott Sivera

Jody Kropholler 

SC John

SC John

Shoeless Joe Lai

Mike Maraldo

SC Mike

Glenn Barnett 

Michael Dunsmore

this was a fun project and I think they all look great together, stay tuned we have a new project coming up and we really want you to participate, and all you have to do is paint one Space Marine!

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

The Knights of Santa Cruz!

Santa Cruz Warhammer is hosting a community painting project: the Knights of Santa Cruz! It's open to everyone, all you have to do is paint up a current Brettonian knight on horse with a lance to the best of your ability. Here's Mike's entry, a model he finished this week.

We invite you to take part in this project and build a Knight of your own, I have models available or you can source them yourself. I have invited some friends to take part in this project and it looks to be a lot of fun.
Here's the groupshot from a few years ago, they look great together:

Even if you have only ever had an interest in 40K, here is a great chance to try something a bit different, enjoy a model for the sake of fun and get creative. Anyone who builds a qualifying model and gets it to me, will then be entered in a drawing to win ALL the models that are entered as well as a pile of additional swag and models as a start to your new Fantasy army!

We did this once before, when we called it the Knights of Baltimorea. Here's the link to that project

You can email me at av8hotrod at yahoo dot com if you want to enter!

SC John

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Knights of Baltimorea: finished the Lion of Flanders

Years ago John organized the Knights of Baltimorea, Check the link here for all the posts on that thread.
A few months ago he brought it up again at the local gamestore and all of the usual suspects agreed to buy a knight and paint it up. In the end we will raffle off all of the models to one of the contestants, just for fun. I finally finished my model after working on it for a little while.

The color scheme was based on this medieval drawing for Germanic jousting knights.

The emblems are meant to represent the power of the Flemish Knights in 1302, who defeated the French and French-leaning knight in a gruesome battle called the battle of the Golden Spurs. I was modeling the knight on Robert of Bethune, the official Lion of Flanders.

This knight was made famous in the 1838 novel The Lion of Flanders by Hendrik Conscience but the story was heavily romanticized, making Robert some sole savior of the Flemish soil. I actually own a victorian copy of the book and read it; it's great stuff.

It's fun to blend modeling and Warhammer: it gives your model some context.

SC Mike

Sunday, June 2, 2013

SCWH Night Goblins Army: a new take on Wolfriders!

Through some local trades I was able to beef up my rank and file considerably in recent weeks. In the last lot there were also some GW wolfriders, that looked like this:

But I wanted a bit more dynamic posing, at least for the first rank. So I grabbed some leftover Fenrisian Wolves and some Goblin models: two from the Mangler Squig set and one fanatic. Here's what came from it:

It's amazing how great the two models go together: the wolves are prefectly sized and look very wild.

 Of course the Goblins are holding on for dear life: it makes the scene funny, which is what miss in so many of the new GW models.

I did a mediocre job on sculpting a few chains but once painted I think it will do just fine.

Now I need to decide to either stick with these three or find more fanatics and buy  some SW wolves and make the rest. The unit would look great!
Modeling the shields will be tough, I was thinking of adding small ones to their arms or onto their back.

SC Mike

Thursday, May 9, 2013

SCWH Night Goblins Army: a start

Well, after doing some trading in town, I was able to get a bunch of goblins from the old boxset and I have painted up a few models to get me started.
The idea is to make a 1000 point night goblin army and I am searching for a good army list that would make that army playable and have a shot to win once in a while. Here's an army link on Warseer that I am keeping an eye on:

warseer 1000 pt nightgoblin army

Here are the models I painted up. Remember, I will have to paint up many nightgoblins, so I worked on a relatively quick pace to see if it still looked good:

I spent some time painting up this River Troll, which was great fun:

Here are the two night goblins: the first one is an old Blood Bowl model I have laying around. 

I extended the chain and ball a bit and added some mushrooms from the finecast mangler squig set. My buddy Christian gave me the mushrooms and the 4 goblins that go with the set. Which leads me to the second fanatic Christian had given me this guy plus the little snotling and gave me the idea to put the two together:

The snow on the bases is created using Secret Weapon Crushed glass with water effects. Here's a tutorial on how it works: it's very easy and it looks extremely realistic:

Snow Tutorial

I have been looking around for squigs on ebay and will keep looking. Anyone know anything, let me know!

SC Mike