Thursday, July 11, 2019

Wolf Time Campaign Update 3 or something...

Got my bikers finished today. Nowhere near my best work...but hey, I'm trying to match my painting similarly to how I did in 1988!
I'm not sure if it's the age of the decals or the heat today or what, but I had serious issues trying to apply the decals. Used plenty of medium but still... Oh well, these 5 are done and ready for the Campaign! Only 10 more models to go!!!

Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Wolf Time Campaign Update

A while back I posted some pix of an old Land Raider and my repair work being done to it (slowly!)
I can finally show off my 99% completed tank...I still need to add 2 red Dark Angels symbols to the side doors.

Monday, June 17, 2019

RT Wolf-Time Campaign Update

Now that it’s summer and I’m done grading papers for a bit, I can finally get back to painting up my Archangels marines and prepare for the Wolf-Time Campaign with my friend Kevin. I’m nearly done with only about a dozen more marines to finish off.

I wanted to share the evolution of my chapters’ logo.
In this first image, these three marines show early renditions of an “angelic-themed” icon.
 The guy on the far right is supposed to show a stylized angel... the three dots representing the head and hands with the v shape representing wings and body. This was easy to paint but lame and boring. So the icon in the middle came about. It’s supposed to look a little more like the Dark Angels wings and I painted up a bunch like this but I still wasn’t happy. I originally only painted this one guy with the winged sword icon (left) which I was happy with, but was not looking forward to going back and changing. (And no... I have no idea how his base melted and warped!)

 It was right about then that the water decals (or if you're Australian "dekkles") came out. that must've been around 1989-1990. So I switched to a yellow circle with a red Dark Angels icon which really “popped!” These two guys and many other were done up like these two.

Now going back and prepping for the campaign, I’ve decided that my troops will have the yellow & red icon (I still have a ton of those decals somewhere...) while most of the officers will get the old-school painted winged-sword. My hands aren’t as steady as they used to be, but they look ok enough. These two are nearly finished, with just some wash and basing to go... plus a red DA icon for the yellow shoulder.

This last guy was painted way back in 1988 but somehow got all broken and scuffed up. After re-gluing and replacing the broken bitz, I painted over his original icon and “honored” him with a painted winged-sword. (There's a black, blasted out bolter hole in the middle of the icon which used to be huge and bleeding, but I green-stuffed it a bit to make it smaller)

SC Glenn

Thursday, May 23, 2019

RT Wolf-Time Campaign

Continuing my project for the Wolf-Time Campaign...

Trying to color match an RT era marine I painted 30 years ago (left) to a modern attempt (right). 

Though I like the darker blue, it’s too dark to match up with my original Archangels. It’s metal so it’ll be easy to strip and try again.

Even though Land Raiders aren't used in the Wolf-Time Campaign, I felt the need to repair and rebuild one of my Land Raiders. I used the old WD plans to turn it into a Spartan using Rhino parts and card stock.
Because I used card-stock and not plastic card for all the scratch built parts, they didn’t stand the test of decades. So I took it all apart and fixed it up the best I could.😊

There was a huge canon hole drilled in the front of the land raider which I covered up with the spare tank tread. Covered it perfectly! When I made the Spartan, that LR front piece wasn't used. It was used on the old Sabre Tank Hunter conversion instead. Now, it's back home where it belongs! =)

 Broken Las-Cannons had to be drilled out and repaired. Luckily, they still retain their full mobility!

Huge hole on the bottom from the original conversion. Luckily, that won't be seen on the table top.

Wednesday, May 15, 2019


Back in March, after a conversation with my friend Kevin, we decided to tackle the old "Wolf Time Campaign" from the Book of the Astronomicon.
What follows are my posts about my progress that were posted on the SC Warhammer Facebook page but not here on the blog...

Last week I was chatting with my friend Kevin and we got to talking about the old RT Book of the Astronomicon and the “Wolf-Time Campaign” that is in it.

I told him I had never played that campaign back in the day. He said he still had all of his scenery for it.

Next thing y’know, I’m digging through my old RT models to see if I have all the required marines to play the campaign. I’ve never played Space Wolves so my Archangels will have to do!
The Imperial player needs 56 models (technically less if you recycle units/models that get killed in the first couple scenarios - but this is Santa Cruz Warhammer... Go Big or Go Home!!!)

I was inspired and glued up a flamer marine and 4 las-cannon marines. I stayed true to form and used original 1980’s bases and even found a few 1980’s nickels to glue under the bases to keep them balanced. I used 4 of the old lead...err “metal” las-cannons that I had in my bitz box.

I need to build up 4 more missile launcher marines for the combat squads and buy another “metal” heavy bolter marine for a support unit.

I’ll need to proxy 1 plasma gun for a melta-gun that goes in the assault squad and 2 multi-meltas for the support units instead of 2 more missile launchers.

A little more gluing and some quick painting to match up the new guys to my original Archangels and I’ll be good to go!

Monday, March 4, 2019

Last week, the Santa Cruz Warhammer team decided to do something we haven't done in quite awhile...start up our once-a-month game night.

Though our first one was a modest affair (only SC Mike, SC John and myself SC Glenn were present), we had a great time. SC Mike taught SC John and I how to play the old GW boardgame Judge Dredd.

Being a huge Judge Dredd fan myself, I was amazed that I had never played this one before. Though I've played the J.D. roleplaying game many times.

This game is quite fun and at times brutal when you use cards 'against' your fellow players to slow down or hinder their progress.

A good time was had by all!
As SC Glenn moves his judge, SC John is plotting how to thwart him.

The game board near the end...Judge Pike just can't seem to stay out of the Infirmary for long!

~SC Glenn